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Fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge

New Years in Style!

By Madeleine Carter

Last updated: 13th January 2013

New Year’s Eve In Sydney is famous for the incredible fireworks display. Now picture that- but imagine watching the fireworks whilst stood on the roof of your hotel, on George street, practically next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge! It was one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen; non stop fireworks for minutes with thousands of people packed into the streets of Sydney below with party music playing in the streets from about 7pm as the crowds grew.

2 bottles of free champagne ensured a great start to our New Years celebrations and it didn’t stop from there. Music in the streets, excited people everywhere, stands selling blow up and sparkly hats and the biggest sense of anticipation I’ve ever felt. Possibly one of the best nights ever and I could not recommend it more strongly!

Just a word of advice- definitely worth splashing out for your hotel over New Years (and booking the hotel/hostel waaaay in advance!) as the cooked buffet breakfast proved to be a saviour to many in the late morning of 1st January 2013…

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