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Fairground Luna Park Sydney, Milsons Point, Australia

Life at Luna Park

By Gap 360

Last updated: 16th December 2013

Gap 360's Melissa and Becky worked at Sydney's famous Luna Park during their travels. They shared their experience below

Luna park is one of the oldest running theme parks in Australia, and has closed and reopened many times. It's situated right next to the harbour bridge, which means amazing views and ample opportunities for pictures!

Becky and I work in two different parts of the park. I work in the merchandising and side show team, which means I'm sometimes based in the shop and the photo booth for the rides. It's good fun to see everyone's face as they come off the roller coaster! Another part of my job is to work on the side show games. That's things like hook a duck, and knock the tin cans over to win a prize, things like that. Those are really fun to work on as you get to interact with people all day and seeing the kids faces when they win a prize is priceless!

Becky works in the Guest Relations department. She is the first to greet customers as they wander through that big Luna park smiling face. She sells tickets for the rides and advises guests on the best deals and rides in the park. It doesn't feel like work when you get to chat to customers and enjoy the sunshine all day plus she is gaining valuable skills such as cash handling, customer service and handling complaints in the process.

Working in the sun all day can get a bit hot, but we've got some attractive head gear and sun glasses are allowed, there's even emergency umbrellas if it reaches 40 degrees!

If you're thinking of coming to Sydney on the paid work and Sydney Intro programme, then this is definitely a job to go for. Over the Christmas period (which is actually the summer period, still not used to that!) Luna Park hires 200 casual staff so it's perfect to get a bit of extra dosh for travelling down under.

I'm hiding from the sun at the moment as my back got a bit too friendly with it on the beach and is very sun burnt! Remember, sun cream isn't optional!

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