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Kids in Ghana

By Gap 360

Last updated: 10th March 2014

When Gap 360's Head of Marketing, Will, headed to Ghana to visit our projects, he had a fantastic time! It's official: the kids in Ghana are the nicest, ever!

After tough negotiating with BA staff to get an upgrade on my seat (extra leg room only before you get ahead of yourself) I found my seat only to be confronted by a Ghanaian lady holding a tiny child! Penance for being difficult I here you say - very possibly, very possibly.

However, 6.5 hours later I now have a new best friend in Accra and a new found love for Ghanaian children. For 6.5 hours I sat next to that 12 week old boy, carried him, played with him and every now and again entertained him while his mother slept, and that content little boy didn’t cry once. Not bloody once!

Fast forward 48 hours to a small, falling down, tin roofed classroom, where I’m proudly watching a volunteer teacher lead a class of 10 -15 students all between 10 and 14 years old. Daunting? For many it is, but believe me, the boy on the plane was no exception, he seemed to be the rule. All the boys in that class were unbelievably respectful and attentive. They showed such maturity in their desire to learn, their concentration, respect for their teachers, everyone to come to think of it, and in their overall behaviour.

Why is it these boys are so well behaved, I hear you ask? Well, I’m not 100% sure but I know this -the boys in that school are there because they are talented footballers. They have been scouted from all over Ghana, given a contract and the chance to be a professional. Enough possibly? Maybe, but the culture at this School of Excellence is one of: ‘Football may make you, but if it doesn’t, education will.’ So each and every boy HAS TO study Cambridge curriculum, English led classes and my life do they appreciate this and want to be there! They want to be there because this unique volunteer project along with its experienced and dedicated staff, have managed to intertwine sport and education so much so that it creates driven, committed, polite and very well behaved kids. Kids I would love to teach.

Our volunteer project in Ghana is a volunteer teachers dream. A remarkable project. A place where you can really make a difference

Looking to volunteer in Ghana? Check out our Sports Coaching in Ghana project (along with all of our other awesome programmes!)

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