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Is 9 Pairs of Shoes Too Many to Pack?

By Gillian Scholes

Last updated: 28th September 2011

Only a few days left until I depart for Sydney, which leads me to packing – more to the point what not to pack so I can fit it all into a small, convenient backpack with adjustable straps and compartments. They seem the only thing acceptable to be seen with as a traveller. Well, however suitable they are they do not allow much room for that extra pair of flip flops that I am obviously going to need. So far the advice I have been given is plenty of insect repellent, a lot of sun cream and a stinger suit for the jellyfish, maybe I can buy that one out there.

Of course, I can’t just prepare for 5 weeks of beach bumming, Gap360 have me living on an Aussie Outback Ranch, where I am told I will be driving tractors, lassoing and probably wrestling kangaroos – unfortunately I do not own a pair of cowboy boots, let alone have space in any of my small compartments for them, so I have opted for what I call my bush land boots (a pair of old trainers that you keep for this precise moment). I’m praying for typical sunny Australian weather as I do not plan to pack any kind of rain wear, which means only shorts, dresses and lots of bikinis allowed.

Looking at my pile of ‘essentials’ laid out to pack I have decided a backpack is just going to be insufficient and have opted for a suitcase with wheels instead…I may regret my decision later on or I may be laughing at those struggling to lug around their backpacks while I wheel on by. I have done the backpack trip before and whatever item you need, it is always at the bottom of the bag, which means taking out its entire contents; travelling is just not done neatly and creased clothes become the norm.

So I am all set for my arrival in Sydney, a transfer has been arranged to take me to my hostel, which is reassuring and one less thing to think about. I am also looking forward to meeting my group when I arrive so I will get to know people straight away, although it is not hard to make friends in hostels as everyone is usually in the same boat. Next time you hear from me I will hopefully be in the sunshine, enjoying Sydney and excited to begin my adventures.

P.S. I have indeed packed 9 pairs of shoes :-/

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