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I Want to Travel the World - Where Do I Start?!

By Gap 360

Fancy travelling around the world? Of course you do!

But where to begin? The world is a BIG place and there is so much to organise!

Never fear. Gap 360 is here to cut the world down to size. Your dream Round-the-World adventure is just a few short steps away:

Get Organised

The world isn’t going to come to you! The first thing to do is pull your socks up and start planning. Write a list of everything you want from your dream trip – the places you’d love to go and the things you’re desperate to do. Not sure? Take a look at our Round-the-World packages. There’s bound to be something there that’ll tickle your travel fancy!

Think Budget

Once you’ve made a list of everything you’d love to do, it’s time to get realistic. Have a think about your budget. How much can you save before you go? Would you like to work while you’re away to top up your funds? Don’t panic – you can probably travel for a lot less than you think! Speak to one of our travel advisors for expert budgeting advice.

We have a range of Round the World options, catering for even the tightest of purse strings. Try our Budget Backpacker 360 for an adventure on a shoestring, or our Whole World 360 for an all-out travel extravaganza!

Get Creative

So – you’ve found a Round-the-World package and it’s ALMOST perfect. It includes party time in Thailand, a jobs package in Australia and a road trip in America. If only it had a volunteer placement in South Africa….

It can! All of our Round-the-World adventures are fully customisable. You can add in, take out or swap any of our travel programmes. Speak to one of our expert travel advisors and build an experience that is tailored to you.

Book in Advance

The earlier you book the better because a) you guarantee your spot on your dream trip, and b) you can spread out paying it off throughout the year. You can even schedule your payments to coincide with pay day or when your student loan comes in!

Don’t wait for your mates!

It can be tempting to delay travelling until you can go with a big bunch of mates. However, if you wait for everyone to be free you’ll never go and then you’ll be kicking yourself!

It might seem scary to go it alone – but over 70% of our customers do the same! You’ll meet so many people in the same boat as you, and you’ll have soon made amazing friends for life on your travels. Embrace the fear – it’s one of the best parts of the experience!

Do you have any more questions about travelling round the world? Give us a call on 01892 527392 and speak to one of our friendly travel advisors!

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