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The Great Wall of China

How to Earn Money Teaching English Abroad

Securing a paid teaching job abroad is one of the most rewarding ways to travel. Not only do you make money to fund your adventures, but you also make a difference in the lives of school children around the world and get great international work experience to put on your CV.

You’ll become a real part of the local community, as you live and work alongside local people, and you’ll gain a unique insight into local culture – a far greater insight than the regular traveller will ever know. You’ll learn some of the local language and make connections with other teachers and your students. It’s a truly unforgettable travel experience!

Here’s how you can become a paid English teacher abroad:

Stage 1: Get your TEFL qualification

Before you can be paid to teach English, you need to gain a TEFL qualification. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and it is an internationally recognised qualification that unlocks a whole world of employment opportunities. This qualification can be achieved with online classes or by attending a university-accredited course.

Our paid teaching programmes in Thailand and China include this qualification in the cost of the trip. Ideal!

Lady drawing on a whiteboard in a classroom

Stage 2: Learn about local culture

To teach English effectively, you need to have a good understanding and awareness of the local language, history and culture of the place you are teaching. This includes knowing basic words to help communicate your instructions and understanding words and gestures that may be considered rude or inappropriate. Before you go away, you should research local customs and learn a few words. Better still, head out there and spend a few weeks getting to know the place before you start teaching.

Our teaching programmes include language lessons, cultural classes and tours of local landmarks and tourist sights, giving you a great insight into local life before your teaching programme begins!

Travellers walking on the Great Wall of China

Stage 3: Find a Teaching Placement

Once you arrive in the country and have completed your TEFL course, it’s time to find your teaching placement! If you book through us, you will be supported in finding a great job with a reputable school. The local team will help you contact prospective employers and support you through the interview process.

Lady pointing out a drawing to a child in a classroom

Stage 4: Get Job Ready

Once you have secured your job, it’s time to get ready for work. Check the dress code at the school and make sure you have appropriate clothes. You may also wish to get hold of some teaching materials and stationary but don't worry if not - the school will provide plenty!

A man posing for a photo with schoolkids in a classroom

Stage 5: Start Teaching!

Now, the hard work begins! You’ll be busy planning lessons, delivering classes and helping out around the school. But remember, the school holidays are always just around the corner…! You'll get plenty of time during evenings, weekends and the school holidays to explore the country using the money you have earned!

Three ladies doing a hand gesture at a temple

Fancy finding a paid teaching job abroad? Give us a call on 01892 527392 to chat to a travel advisor who can help get the ball rolling on your teaching adventure!

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