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Heatwave in Melbourne

By Madeleine Carter

Last updated: 13th January 2013

Now we are in Melbourne it is actually our first stay in a hostel ( we were fortunate enough to have a hotel booked for New Years) and very much loving it. Definitely suggest you pay the extra dollar or two a night for a hostel that provides breakfast ( here we get fresh baked bread every morning!) but not so important on being in the centre of town- those are more expensive and we have done so much walking in the past week that a 10-15 minute walk to town just feels like habit now.

Today we spent the day exploring the Queen Victoria Market – loads of fresh fish and cheeses and clothes and souvenirs etc The odd thing being seeing “fresh kangaroo” signs at almost every meat stall… Not so sure I can be tempted into trying that one :L

Before this I went for an early morning walk around our hostel area and stumbled upon St Patrick’s Cathedral. It was so peaceful and beautiful and definitely worth getting slightly lost to find it by accident.

We spent the rest of the day in the Carlton Gardens- although not quite the magnificence to match the Botanical gardens in Sydney, I came away with only 4 more bug bites so I deem it a successful trip!

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