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How Should I Prepare for My Gap Year?

Have you planned your trip, and now you’re wondering how to actually prepare for your gap year? Here’s a handy checklist of everything you should do before you go away:

What should I take?

First and foremost, when preparing for your gap year, you will need to decide what to take with you. Decide on essential travel items such as backpacks, clothes and health essentials.

What about visas?

Don't forget, an important part of preparing for your gap year is making sure you have obtained any relevant visas you need. Look at our detailed visa advice to find out which visas you will need for each of our destinations.

What about flights?

You will also need to do your flights research so you can book the best value flights and travel safely and in style. If you want to find a great deal on flight tickets then give our partner company Flights 360 a call on 01892 543943 or email [email protected]

What about travel insurance?

You will also need to make sure that you have appropriate travel insurance in place before you travel. If you want a great gap travel insurance policy to cover all sorts of amazing gap year activities then check out our worldwide travel insurance page designed specifically for gap travellers.

What about health and safety?

Researching health and safety information is a great way to prepare for your gap year. Make sure you visit your GP in advance of departure and research how to stay safe. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have set up a safety advice scheme called 'know before you go' which is a good place for further advice about safety when travelling.

Learn the local lingo

It's a good idea to learn the basics of any local language you may need while on your gap year. Or you could learn a language on your gap year and you'll soon be speaking the local lingo. Buy a small phrasebook and keep it on you, you never know when it may come in handy!

Stay on the right side of the law!

What's legal in the UK might not be legal abroad, and something you think of as second nature could easily land you in a lot of trouble. Researching local laws is an important part of preparing for your gap year.  Remember that many countries have strict drug laws.

Stay in touch

So you're ready to set off on the ultimate gap year trip and you've got your kit sorted, your money managed and your vaccinations up to date; now it's time to share your plans with your friends and family. Making sure that your parents have any advice to hand will put their minds at rest and send you confidently off around the world. One of the most important considerations, both for you and for your family, is making sure you stay in touch during you gap year so you can keep everyone informed and share all your exciting adventures.

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