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Sea view in Fiji

Fiji: Trekking, Waterfalls and Massages

By Gillian Scholes

Last updated: 1st May 2012

Monday night ended with Crab racing…in which you place $5 on your chosen country which is marked on the crab then they are let loose in a giant circle and the first out wins! Scotland and Japan seemed to always take the lead – maybe because they were 3 times the size of all the regular crabs!!

Muddy legs and boots

The next morning we were back on the bus nice and early and were warned to wear shoes for trekking that you did not mind throwing away and bikinis. We then jumped on a 4×4 (some held onto the sides) and took a short but bumpy ride into the Rain forest. As we began our trek I was quite proud that I manage to dodge many of the muddy patches and so far my shoes were still in good condition. However, as we ventured deeper into the forest we came across a river and theonly way over was trudge through, knee deep. Our guides were definitely not going to carry us so from then on there was not a lot anyone could do and in fact it was more fun getting completely covered in mud.

People walking through knee-high water

The trek lasted a couple of hours which lead us to a waterfall, which had three stages to climb. Once at the top we were able to jump off the high cliff into the pool below. The local guides definitely had some practice and where climbing high into the trees to get the highest jump into the pool…a very different play ground to what I grew up on. After we had all jumped off enough times…including one boy landing a stunning belly flop we walked down to the river where a boat was waiting for us to take us back through the rainforest and to our pick – up.

A group of people in a swimming hole by a waterfall

Five minutes later and we arrived at Uprising Beach resort – another picturesque resort made up of beach front bulas and villas. Unlike your usual back packer the resort also hosts a swimming pool, spa, volley ball and water activities.

A group of people with one holding a large firework

I was lucky enough to try out one of their new beach front Villas which has a lounge, kitchen, en suite and outdoor shower – perfect to escape and relax after a long day. That afternoon I treated myself to a massage…which was only $35 FJD for one hour…probably about £20!! I feel I have definitely adjusted to Fiji time now…and Jerry our over excited tour guide had decided we needed to try his special rum brew…which ended up getting stronger as the night went on!

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