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Traveller at Table Mountain viewpoint, South Africa

Experience South Africa

"Tourists see the world, travellers experience it" is a quote we live close by here at Gap 360. One of the best ways to travel is to really scratch away at a place, to go off exploring off the beaten track. Staying close to the tourist trail is a fantastic way to kick back and relax (usually around a pool, right?) but if you want to do something which will change your life, pick and country and actually see it.

A country we have a massive load of love for is South Africa, mainly for it’s diversity, beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife and friendly people! Our South Africa Experience takes travellers along the Garden Route once they’ve had the chance to become a game ranger at our Big 5 reserve.

There’s a reason why the Garden Route is hailed as being one of the best road trips in the world – and here’s our guide to some of the best stops:

Port Elizabeth

The Garden Route starts in Port Elizabeth, one of the biggest cities in South Africa. Based on the coast, PE has loads to offer travelers from cool hostels to kick back in to the Boardwalk – entertainment central. 

Jeffrey’s Bay

Hey up, Jeffrey B! Known as Surfers Paradise by the locals, this place does what it says on the tin: it offers some serious sandy beaches for some seriously swish surfers, who lace the edges of the coastline with their flicks and tricks. This is the perfect place to take time out for some lunch on the front and grab some rays!


Posing on the edge of a beautiful bay, Knysna is a wicked place to stretch your legs and see some typical South African splendour. Get the ole Instagram out, this one’s a real beaut!

Cape Town

CT is one of the prettiest capital cities in the world. With Table Mountain proving the perfect host on the edge of the city, the V&A harbour to entertain with it’s shops and nightlife and loads of wicked hotels and hostels to lay your head in, Cape Town’s definitely a place you should hit up this year. Best bit yet, to really get under the skin of CT, volunteer in our project in the Masi township – where you’ll really get the chance to help out those less fortunate. It’s an incredible experience and something which will keep the folks at Masi smiling for a long time to come.

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