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Two lions laying in long grass

Ella in Namibia: Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteers

By Gap 360

Last updated: 25th January 2017

Gap 360 traveller Ella shares her experience with us during her travels, from the process of deciding what destination to visit, when to visit, to booking the trip and flights through our in-house flights team...


In 2014 I was 17 years old and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life but ultimately, didn't want an office job. Not having an office job still leaves a LOT of options but I decided conservation sounded pretty rad.

17 years old, I didn't know what conservation was.

What does it mean?

What do people do?

What does conservation entail?

Beginning of 2014, I had submitted my university applications and I wanted to know what conservation was, I wanted to travel to South Africa.


You can't volunteer in most places under 18. I purged the internet, looking through websites, one after another for a trip I could go on. There were a few but I was taken by this beautiful sanctuary based just outside of Windhoek, Namibia. As much as you want to get out there at 16/17 sometimes you just have to wait. So that is what I did, I waited.

Person throwing food over an enclosure fence to a Cheetah

I booked my trip using Gap 360, which is great if you’re going first time or doing multiple trips at once. I also booked my flights through Gap 360 which worked out great because they had booked the whole thing for me; I literally did nothing except get to and from LHR airport and pack my bags.

Two lions laying in long grass

I definitely suggest booking through a travel company first time unless you feel comfortable sorting everything yourself. I have travelled through Gap 360 since because they are a great company and offer an awesome selection of trips; they also contact you with information on other people going on the trip which means you don't feel alone when you go out there. They send you an itinerary and give you all the information you need including documents to help you get visas if you need them.

A person holding a baby monkey

Namibia is amazing! I made friends for life and positively affected the lives of many animals!! 

We're so glad you loved this unforgettable experience Ella! You have helped to make a huge impact on both the local wildlife and the local communities!

A group of travellers stand with their arms around each other


Find out more about our Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer in Namibia or any of our other Wildlife projects here! 

For any questions, jump on live chat or call us on 01892 527392, we're happy to help :)

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