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Eat Your Way Around the World

By Gap 360

Last updated: 6th June 2017

Food is a massive part of the travel experience. Tucking into some delicious local cuisine and chatting to the people who prepared it is one of the greatest things about exploring a new place. Nothing makes you feel at home like a good meal, so check out our top food recommendations from around the world.

North America

The USA is famous for its food – especially the gigantic portion sizes! From syrup coated pancakes to hotdogs on the sidewalk, you’re never far from your next meal in America. For a real regional experience, head to Philadelphia for an iconic Philly Cheesesteak. Succulent steak, melted cheese, peppers and onions, all held together by a soft hoagie roll. Perfection in sandwich form.

South America

The mere mention of South America is enough to get the taste buds tingling. Fajitas, empanadas, burritos, spicy rice and bean dishes, South America has it all. Peruvian ceviche has to be right up there on the eating bucket list. It’s so popular out there that there’s even a national holiday in its honour! Made up of raw fish and onions marinated in bitter orange juice and chilies, you’ll soon be persuaded to celebrate ceviche day every year!


Africa’s cuisines are as diverse as its cultures and countries. Fufu (pounded yams) is all the rage across the West of Africa while Braai (barbeque) and biltong (cured meat) are the firm favourites in South Africa. Wherever you end up, you can be sure there’s a tasty meal waiting for you!


Curries. Sushi. Noodles. Spicy soups and stews. Travelling around Asia is one delicious culinary odyssey. Plus, food is mostly very cheap so eating out is doubly enjoyable! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but for sheer novelty and travel kudos you have to dip your toe in the weirder end of the spectrum. Tuck into fried tarantula, fish eyes and white ant egg soup – if you dare!


With miles and miles of exquisite coastlines in Australia and New Zealand, seafood is the obvious choice. There are loads of things to choose from, including succulent crayfish, salmon or oysters – but when the sea views are this good who cares about the food? Oh and the wine isn’t half bad either! For a more traditional experience, chow down on some infamous bush tucker!


Europe is renowned for its food and although we are used to eating a lot of it in England – nothing beats the real thing. You simply have to try Spanish paella and Italian pizza. French mussels are a must and goulash is at its best in Hungary. You’ll never regret a culinary tour of Europe!

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