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Gap Year Travel Check List for Parents

Using this check list is a great way of making sure your son or daughter has done all the essential they need before they set off on their gap year:

  • Make sure you have at least a rough plan of your son or daughter's intended travel route
  • Ensure they have a list of any numbers they might need while they are away, and that you have the numbers of any gap year companies they are travelling with
  • Make sure that they have set up some way of staying in touch, whether this be through a pay-as-you-go SIM, email account or travel blog
  • Get them to realistically agree on how regularly they will call or email, but remember that changes of plan may mean that it might not always be possible for them to get to a phone or computer
  • It's important that your son or daughter is aware of the local currency and economy (for example, they may not be used to haggling)
  • Make sure that they have sorted out their financing and are up on all the possible payment methods, whether this be in the form of cash, prepaid travel cards or debit/credit cards. Think about being named on their bank account in case they need third-party access.
  • Make sure that your son or daughter is aware of the customs and laws of the destinations that they are travelling to, to prevent getting into any unexpected trouble or causing any unintentional offence
  • It is essential that your son or daughter is covered by comprehensive travel insurance as medical services and repatriation costs can be in their thousands
  • Make sure they know what to take and have the right gap year kit
  • Make sure they have any relevant visas they need in place well in advance of travel
  • Make sure they have visited their GP or travel clinic around 6-8 weeks in advance of travel, to get any relevant vaccinations or medication
  • Make sure you have a photocopy of all their essential documents including passports, tickets, visas and insurance policies

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