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Age 18-30 and Can't Find a Job?

By David Stitt

Last updated: 30th November 2011

Get a paid job abroad!

As Managing Director of Gap 360 Ltd, I receive a lot of cv’s from people looking for work. Most of these are well qualified, with good degrees, and are either not working, or doing casual work such as being a waiter or working in a shop or a bar.

A few months ago, we started advertising for 3 people to go travelling with us as intern reporters to check out some of our new trips first-hand and write blogs. The position was unpaid. We had 4500 people download the information and over 350 applied for the positions. Most of the applicants were smart, presented themselves well, and would have been able to do the job. Again, most of them were unemployed at present or doing casual work.

Clearly there are a lot of skilled people out there with good qualifications who are looking for work. Of course this is not news to anyone. The media is full of stories about redundancies and the difficulties facing young people who are looking for work.

Now, at Gap 360, we have a solution for those of you who can’t find a suitable job.

Go travelling, and work abroad, getting paid enough to live in a warm climate!

We have hundreds of possibilities for people with some “get up and go”. Here are a few currently on our books…

Be an au pair in America…earn $10,000 a year, get a free flight to the US and free insurance! Live with an American family looking after their children for 45 hours a week.

Take a year out and work in Australia or New Zealand. Using the working holiday visa scheme, we can find you work in several different fields.

Teach English in China or Thailand. We’ll help you obtain training and a teaching English qualification and find you a job.

With winter almost here, there is no better time to plan some serious time away in the sun, and get paid while you are travelling. So what are you waiting for?

Check out the paid work on before the snow starts falling!

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