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A round up of my first week in Sydney

By Gillian Scholes

Last updated: 12th October 2011

I cannot believe my first week in Sydney is over already, but what an incredible first week it has been. From the Harbour cruise and Blue Mountains to the beaches and nights out, I have definitely seen and experienced some of Sydney’s best attractions in just a week. It has so much to offer; being able to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to the surrounding beaches, which must be one of the main reasons so many travellers settle in Sydney.

Our final night out was on the ‘Route 69 Party Bus Pub Crawl’; I have never experienced a bus pub crawl but with 5 different bars and clubs with a free drink in each, it was not only the best way to check out the nightlife in all the local spots but also the messiest. Its funny how some people come out of their shells with a drink, bit of music and a bus pole!! Our last stop that night was a well deserved McDonalds, best way to end a night as we all stumbled home.

Gillian and fellow travellers with drinks in a bar

The following day we went on a surfing experience day, I officially feel like a true Aussie now that I can say I have been surfing…to those experienced surfers who love nothing better than sun see and surf, I now know why you love it so much. Okay, given that I probably only caught three waves, it just felt cool to be wearing a wet suit and carrying the board. Our instructors, JayJay and O where probably two of the coolest people I have met and would like them as my new best friends. From the stereotypical blonde wavy hair to the ‘no worries’ attitude they fulfilled every part of my surfing dreams. After a brief demonstration, we all headed out into the ocean thinking it doesn’t look so hard, just ride the wave, however after an hour we were all knackered and having laughed at each other’s failed attempts and spectacular falls we were glad to be riding our jeep back over the sand dunes and home to Wake-up.

Room at the Wake Up hostel

As for Wake Up Hostel – it pretty much offers everything you could want or need from a hostel plus more. The rooms are a good size and the shower areas are constantly cleaned (even through the night, when you sleepily walk into a man cleaning the toilet, sitting down before realising). The cafe is open all day and the downstairs nightclub offers cheap drinks, quiz nights and movies plus it helps that you can just fall into bed after a heavy night. The staff are really helpful, giving advice on where to go and what to do; the hostel even offers free day trips such as beach and city tours – perfect if you are new to Sydney or looking to meet people. Its great being in a hostel you can relax in and I have met so many different travellers that you never feel alone and most of the time you meet travel buddies to carry on the adventures with. All in all I would recommend Wake-up to those first time travellers, those looking to have fun and those who want a relaxed, clean and comfy shared environment.

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