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A Level Results Day: What's Next?

By George Meredith

Last updated: 17th August 2017

A-Level results are out and whether you’re delighted or disappointed the truth of the matter is – school’s out! Forever! You’re finally free and out in the real world!

So, what’s next?

Are you off to university for more years of study? Or are you hitting the job market in search of your dream job?

Whatever your plans are, you should definitely make the most of your newfound freedom to travel the world!

Here are our top 5 post A-level travel recommendations…


After over a decade of school work, it’s about time you let off some steam! A party tour abroad is an amazing way to meet new people, have fun and let your hair down before the next chapter of your life begins. Whether you fancy dancing til dawn at a legendary Thai Full Moon Party or living it up on the beaches of Australia, a party trip is a guaranteed good time from start to finish. Check out our awesome range of party trips!


You have your A Levels…but so does everybody else! Time to make that CV stand out a little more with a volunteer programme. Volunteering shows future employers that you are reliable, hard-working and forward-thinking. Plus, volunteering is super-rewarding and will make you feel great. Take a look at our volunteer trips and start making a difference abroad!


You know the reason you’ve been slogging for the last two years of your A Levels is so you can get a great job, right? Well, why not make your first real job in the big wide world a paid job abroad? Picture this: You, the beach, some roasting hot sunshine and a stack of hard earned cash burning a hole in your pocket! We have paid work packages in both Australia and New Zealand, so why not jet Down Under and start your working life in style!

Learn new skills

A Levels are really just your first step on the road of qualifications. Now it’s time to enhance your skillset and pick up some more experience. Travelling is a great opportunity to learn new things, whether it be a languagescuba diving, or a martial art! You could even take a TEFL course and become a qualified English teacher!


Of course, you could also use your new-found freedom to just travel for the sake of travelling. Seeing the world is an amazing way to broaden your horizons and discover new things. It’s also really, really fun! Whether you’re taking a post A-level gap year and have time for a round-the-world adventure, or you’re heading to uni and only have a few weeks in between terms, you’ll never regret exploring this amazing world!

Not sure what to do with your new-found freedom? Give us a call on 01892 527392 and have a chat with one of our friendly travel advisors. Why not get the ball rolling on an epic travel adventure?

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