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Aerial view of Cape Town, beaches and surrounding mountains at sunset

You MUST Visit South Africa for These 5 Reasons

By Gap 360

Last updated: 21st May 2017

Looking for your next travel adventure? Fancy a combination of exotic wildlife, stunning landscapes and buzzing cities? Then look no further than South Africa. This epic country is full of surprises and offers some truly unforgettable travel experiences. Don’t believe us? Here are our top 5 reasons why South Africa should be at the very top of your travel bucket list.


Calling all animal lovers! South Africa is home to some incredible animals! From the legendary Big 5 (lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and rhinos) to cheeky monkeys, zebras, servals and crocodiles, South Africa has wonderful wildlife at every turn. A safari experience is an absolute must while you’re out here – there’s no greater feeling than seeing an exotic animal in its natural habitat.

Garden Route

The Garden Route is the king of all road trips! This world famous coastal route takes you along exquisite beaches, through dense forests and over rolling mountain slopes. Hit the road and make the most of this stunning drive. Beats the British motorway any day!

National Parks

You’ll find 19 gorgeous national parks scattered across South Africa. These diverse natural landscapes are home to wonderful plant and animal life and offer some of the most incredible photo opportunities in the world. Kruger is the undisputed champion. Explore these vast plains and shimmering grasslands and watch animals of all kinds gather at watering holes to drink.


Wildlife, road trips and national parks are all well and good. But what if you just fancy soaking up the sun on the beach? South Africa delivers on that front too. The coast is full of sweeping sandy beaches just asking to be sunbathed on. And when you need to cool off, take a dip in the sparkling Indian Ocean. Does life get any sweeter?

Cape Town

Cities don’t get much better than Cape Town. Lying in the shadow of spectacular Table Mountain, Cape Town is a hub of adventure activities, including abseiling, surfing and mountain biking. It’s also perfect for a late-night drink: watch the sun go down and toast your adventures in SA.

Itching to travel to South Africa? We don’t blame you! Why not check out our South Africa Adventure and get the ball rolling on an epic South African experience? This awesome trip includes unique wildlife encounters, awesome adventure activities, plus an excursion to neighbouring Swaziland!

For more information, give us a call on 01892 527 392, and we’ll chat you through what’s on offer in stunning South Africa.

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