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How To: 2nd Year Australia Working Holiday Visa (No Farm Work!)

Hannah Douch

By Hannah Douch

Last updated: 31st May 2024

Looking to renew your Australian Working Holiday visa, and not sure if working on a farm is for you? The great news is that you are no longer required to do any farm or rural work with Australia’s latest updates to Working Holiday visas for British passport holders (Subclass 417). So if you want to extend your stay Down Under, read on to find out how these changes could apply to you!

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What are the changes?

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You can renew your 2nd or 3rd year Australian Working Holiday visa without farm work

Changes that came into effect: 1st July 2024

  • No specific work requirements to renew your visa for a 2nd or 3rd year!
  • Valid for British passport holders
  • The 3 years don’t have to be completed consecutively – so long as you meet all the requirements each time you apply

Previously, applicants were required to have completed three to six months of farm or rural work to renew their Australian Working Holiday visa for a second or third year. From July 2024, UK passport holders will no longer have to meet this requirement to extend their Working Holiday visa for up to three years (Subclass 417). This change also applies to UK passport holders who used a different eligible passport when applying for their original Australian Working Holiday visa.

Please be aware that you need to have previously entered Australia on a Subclass 417 Working Holiday visa before applying for a 2nd year.

You don’t need to stay in Australia for three years in a row. As long as you meet the age and eligibility requirements when you apply, then you are welcome to switch it up! Maybe you feel like moving to Canada for a change of scenery or taking up paid teaching in Thailand, before coming back to Australia.

However, please note that there is no “pause” time on your Australian Working Holiday visa. From the day that you enter Australia, your visa is active until its expiration date in a year’s time. This is worth keeping in mind if you do plan on taking longer trips while holding the Australian Working Holiday visa. Take a look at our Absolute Oz jobs below to start getting inspired!

The age limit has increased

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Changes that came into effect: 1st July 2023

  • Australian Working Holiday visa age limit is 18 to 35 inclusive for British passport holders
  • The inclusive age bracket applies if you have submitted an application before your 36th birthday

If you hold a British passport and meet the eligibility requirements, anyone aged 18 to 35 inclusive can apply for the Australian Working Holiday visa. These changes came into effect in July 2023, so if you would like to renew your visa and you are within this age limit, you can start today!

If you are towards the upper age limit, we would always recommend against leaving your application until the last minute – in case of technical issues with the immigration website, or if further checks are required to grant your visa.

Faster application processing

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Changes to visa processing times:

  • British passport holders’ application approval period for a Working Holiday visa is generally short
  • It is always best to apply months in advance in case of any delays or further checks

For British passport holders, the waiting period for your Australian Working Holiday visa to be approved is typically quite short. However, there may be technical issues or further checks that could delay this process. Travellers are encouraged to submit their applications a few months in advance of their intended arrival in Australia so you can start your working holiday without any hassle. We can help you with everything you need to know before applying for an Australia Working Holiday visa.

What if I arrive before the changes come into effect?

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If you have a British passport and have been in Australia for one or two years on a Working Holiday visa, you can still apply from 1 July 2024 (Subclass 417). You are still entitled to the full three-year stay permitting that you meet all the age and eligibility requirements each time you apply. This new rule also applies to anyone with a British passport who previously applied for an Australian Working Holiday visa using a different eligible passport.

So there you have it! If you’ve embraced the Aussie lifestyle and don’t want to leave any time soon, then the changes to the Working Holiday visa make it so much easier to stay. It’s completely possible to apply for a 2nd or 3rd-year Australian visa without farm work or any specified rural work, so you can pursue your passions and make a second home abroad. If you’re feeling inspired to move abroad, then why not check out our Working Holiday programmes?

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Visa rules and regulations are subject to change. For the latest information, always check with the relevant embassy websites and contact one of our Gap 360 travel advisors.

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