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Go Travelling

Go Travelling

Get set and go travelling for a gap year you’ll never forget!  What are you waiting for?  Go travelling and enjoy anything from a few weeks of fun to a whole year of amazing experiences abroad!  There’s never been a better time to get set for adventure and go travelling around the world.

Travelling treats

Why not combine finding paid work abroad with seeing the world as you go travelling across the globe on your gap year?  If you’ve always wanted to go travelling around awesome Australia then why not get a gap year bus pass and set off all around Oz seeing the sights, or explore the East Coast on our Sydney to Cairns Adventure?  Then plan in some paid work in Australia and pay your way to some more travelling treats!

Volunteer abroad 

Want to go travelling and do something worthwhile at the same time?  Why not volunteer abroad and help out with communities, kids, or work with wildlife for the ultimate travelling feel-good factor?  If you want to go travelling but have an amazing, authentic experience in Africa, then become a volunteer and make your mark.  Or go travelling across sunny South America, learn some spicy Spanish and volunteer for a varied travelling gap year.

Top tours  

If you want to hop-on and hop-off at all your favourite spots then why not take a tour and go travelling in style?  A guided tour means you won't miss a thing and you'll soon be bitten by the travelling bug.  Catch some cool vibes in Canada or have new experiences in New Zealand, see it all in Laos or check out China - if you pick up a bus pass you'll be blown away abroad!

Round the world travel

Don't do things by halves, go the whole way and go travelling around the world on an incredible gap year adventure.  Mix paid work with volunteering and top tours on a global 360 gap year world trip.  Don't delay, pack up your backpack and get set to go travelling today! 

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