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Equestrian Gap Years

Equestrian Gap Years

If you fancy a saddleback adventure, then there are plenty of gap year programmes allowing you let go of the reins and gallop off across country and continent to the equestrian destination of your dreams. This is a great way to spend your trip, improving any experience you already have, re-igniting an old and forgotten love or just trying your hand at something new, whilst getting to explore incredible new destinations.

Giddy up!

You can find some incredible horse-riding adventures to choose from across the globe. Whatever your ability, having some horseback highlights is a fantastic way to spend your gap year.  Why not get back to basics and spend some time working in a rural ranch in the wilderness of the Australian outback? Lasso in hand, you not only get to try some tricks on the back of a horse, but also try your hand at farming the other animals and settle around the campfire, enjoying a simple, more rustic way of life. A ranch job in Australia is one of the most exciting adventures off-the-beaten-track in Oz and you'll feel like an old-school cowboy as you ride through the Aussie wilderness.

Horsing around

If you love horses and admire these proud and majestic creatures then you'll enjoy nothing more than combining your gap year with some fun-filled horse rides.  As well as riding the horses, there are opportunities to help out with conservation volunteering promoting the correct care and treatment of these beautiful creatures. Organized programmes tailored towards equine conservation are quite few and few between, but you can find some in Africa and Asia. Or organize an equine adventure for yourself. Many horse centres and stables all over the world will more than willing for anyone keen to volunteer abroad to help them out for free and by sorting everything out yourself you'll have a more unique and authentic experience. What jobs you are allocated will most likely depend on any previous experience with horses, but don't think you'll escape mucking out! So saddle up for an equestrian gap year and you'll soon be riding off into the sunset! 

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