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Water Sports

Water Sports

For the active sportsman a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled gap year sounds like a good match. Take advantage of the lovely warm waters of the places you’re going to either give water sports a try or, if you already have some experience, enjoy water sports in a whole new place with a totally different feel.

There’s a whole variety of water sports that can be done all across the world. From kayaking to jet skiing, scuba diving to water polo, white water rafting to sailing, there’s bound to be something you’ll fall in love with or something new to try. If the place you’re planning on going to has a coast, it’s definitely worth giving something a try.

The golden shores of Hawaii, for example, have always been famed for their great surfing. Surfing is easier to pick up than you may think, and there are plenty of places for beginners and experts alike to get in the water. In fact there are so many great places for all kinds of water sports that listing them would be pointless.

Scuba diving is a fantastic way to get closer to the vividly-coloured mysteries of the deep, and allows you to explore beautiful underwater scenery, such as the shipwreck site of the S.S. Yongola in Australia.

For a relaxing way of traversing the waters, sailing might be for you. Or if you’re more for action, hiring a jet ski is great fun, and water skiing is sure to satisfy your hunger for adrenaline.

Using the winds to reach huge heights and terrifying speeds, you’ll love the thrill of kite surfing or windsurfing.

Focusing your gap year on trying loads of different water sports is a great way to take advantage of the brilliant weather that will be at your disposal, and the first-rate facilities you’ll find there. Even if you don’t focus on it, water sports are nonetheless a very good way to break up a trip with some more action-packed activities than you may be doing otherwise, or else just a good excuse to get in the water after a long, hot day!

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