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Maldives Plastic Clean Up, Maldives

Location - Malé, Maldives

99% of the Maldives is made up of water, and only 1% land. Therefore, pollution to the ocean has a drastic impact of the country. Over 280,000 plastic bottles are discarded in the capital every day, and with limited infratructure to allow for proper recyling, plastic waste continues to build up on land and in the ocean.

Our local team partnered up with a company called Voyages, to ensure that all travellers who visit The Maldives on a tour take part in plastic-picks ups, with a mission of reducing plastic waste from polluting the ocean. The plastic that is collected by travellers is sent to be upcycled in countries who have the infrastructure to do so. Whilst taking part in plastic pick-ups, travellers are able to learn more about environmental projects happening in The Maldives, and also learn to become more responsible travellers.

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