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Leap Gap Year

Leap Gap Year

Take the leap into some truly amazing travel as you make the most of the leap year and cover yourself in gap year glory!  The leap year is your chance to go a little left-field and let yourself go for a great gap year experience.  

A little extra

Just think what you could pack in to that one extra day if you dare to be different and jet off to exotic destinations.  Don’t just laze about and let the leap year pass you by, live it up and have a leap year to remember.  

Launch into leap year

Launch yourself into the leap year with a full-on gap year adventure.  Get awesome adrenaline action with some top adventure travel opportunities.  Have an aquatic adventure as you dive, surf or sail your way to the perfect 2012 and make a splash on your leap gap.  Or have an animal adventure or some extreme sports activity on a leap gap year that will make your pulse race.

Take the leap

Take the leap into paid work abroad and make your gap year go with a bang.  Let the leap year be the year you send your career into orbit as you jet off to the ideal paid job abroad.  Become an amazing Au Pair in America or do a good deal Down Under with a wide range of wonderful work available all around the world.  Leap into your gap year and you'll end up quids in!  

Share the leap love

If you want to put your extra day into making a difference worldwide then why not sign up as a volunteer abroad on your leap gap year?  Give your day away and share the love on a leap year trip abroad.  Work with wildlife or help your fellow humans across the globe and have an impact overseas.  

Leap and learn

If you want to learn, learn, learn in the leap year then get in an extra day of practice with a twenty-four hour taster (and more!) learning a new skill.  Learn a language and light up your leap gap year, or try your hand at some Thai boxing, scuba dive in the deep blue seas or speak Spanish.  Make learning and self development top of your priority list as you set off on your leap gap year trip.  

Leap up and down

If you try out a top tour on your bonus twenty-four hour treat, then you'll be bound to make some lasting memories on your leap gap break.   See all the sights of Sydney, catch a ride across China or amble across Africa.  Have an action-packed adventure on a terrific tour and leap head on into gap year greatness!  

No leap limits

Don't put a limit on your leap year, lose yourself in the moment and make a vow to do it all in 2012.  Why not head off all around the world and leap in feet first to full-on fun in far flung places.  Light up your life with a leap gap year you'll never forget!  

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