Jukil Community Lodge, Bolivia

Location -  Santiago de Agencha, Bolivia

Before a partnership was established between Jukil Lodge and our local partner, the lodge had been closed for 5 years and received no visitors. Located in one of the most remote parts of Bolivia (only 280 inhabitants) most young people were migrating to urban areas to find employment. This left a lack of infrastructure and housing in Jukil, along with diminshing populations leading to erosion of traditional cultures. Along with the problems associated with a lack of economic opportunities, the area has faced major drought and failure of traditional crops such as quinoa. 

By partnering with our local partner, Jukil Lodge upgraded it's buildings and equipment, received training in orangisation management, restaurant operations, business administration and more. Now travellers can give back to the local community by being one of the 300 travellers to stay there per month, which brings in much needed money to the community. The lodge is now seen by the local community as a way to preserve indigenous culture for future generations. 

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