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Landscape of Machu Picchu, Peru

Vicky - Gap 360's New Marketing Assistant

By Vicky Lessen

Last updated: 11th January 2013

My name is Vicky Lessen and I have currently filled the position of Marketing Assistant here at Gap 360 in Tunbridge Wells. I thought I would take the time to tell you all a little bit about myself, so here we go…

I am a recent Graduate of the University of Leicester, graduating top of my class with a 1st class degree in Chemistry. Studying Chemistry at University was not easy and came with plenty of hard work, however it does all pay off and I did learn many valuable skills that you may not expect from a Chemistry graduate including; communication, confidence, problem solving and organisational skills, which are all being put to great use here at Gap 360.  Whilst at University I noticed myself gravitating towards the business and marketing side of Chemistry. I even got involved with a huge and powerful machine, RAFT (Real-Time Air Fingerprinting Technology), as part of a case study to market and commission University technology in my final year project. I decided after graduating that a career in marketing was for me.

In the summer, after my exams had finished and three years of study had come to an end, I decided I would first get some culture and jetted off on an adventure around South America for four months. I visited Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, with Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu and Foz de Iguazu being definite favourites from the trip. The whole experience taught me so much, from a more mature palate to acquiring some basic Spanish (enough to get me from A to B). I plan to travel a lot more in the future, but with so many places it is hard to pick which one is next.

When returning to the UK just in time for Christmas (and the sub-zero temperatures) I decided to pursue finding a job in Marketing. Soon enough I found myself working for Gap 360 as a Marketing Assistant, a fantastic opportunity for me to kick-start my career and I am now looking forward to the path ahead.

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