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Bright, vibrant advertising in a Japanese city

Konnichiwa! All About Our Journey Through Japan Trip

By Gap 360

Last updated: 15th July 2019

Want to visit somewhere new? Want to be blown away by a remarkably traditional, yet dynamic culture but don’t have much time to travel? Nooo problem. Just call us your Fairy Godmother because we’re about to make this possible! Journey Through Japan is a 15-day gateway to Japanese heaven; offering an array of activities, culture, food and so much more!

Caution: We're unable to fit all activities in to this blog to avoid a word overload – (there’s really that much to do! Click here for the full itinerary).

Previous travellers have shared some of their opinions on the trip, describing why they think Japan is a GREAT idea! Whether you’re a first time traveller or an experienced traveller, there’s something for everyone on this jam-packed adventure!

“This was my first visit to Japan and also the first time I had been on a backpack tour so really had no idea what to expect but I couldn't fault the experience”.

A Japanese monkey

Ranked as one of the most modern, fast-paced cities in the world, it’s not surprising that the country’s capital, Tokyo is so appealing! On your arrival to Tokyo, prepare to be amazed by the weird and wonderful activities awaiting you: famed buildings, cat cafe’s, karate classes, meditative gardens – you name it, Tokyo has got it!

“Everything about Japan puts a smile on my face, the Japanese people, their culture, their food, technology and their way of life”

Bright, vibrant advertising in a Japanese city

After Tokyo, you can go back home and chill ... just kidding, your adventure has barely even started!! Takaosan Mountain, Kamakura, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka are yet to be explored, with activities ranging from temple spotting, feeding monkeys, hiking through charming bamboo forest, sailing the Japanese way: on a triple-decker pirate ship and much, much more!

“Exploring Tokyo, wandering through the Kamkura forests and swimming in the sea, enjoying geisha performances in Kyoto, and getting lost in japan's insane system of trains - all that, fantastic food, polite people and very good company of new friends made this trip one of the best I've ever experienced. I would recommend it to all those who want an adventurous trip around Japan.”

A lady photographing a Japanese temple

It’s safe to say a day full of all this exploring is going to leave you feeling a little zonked right? Avoid dreaming about your comfy pj's if poss as the Japanese nightlife isn’t to be missed! So how about letting your hair down and kick start the night with a drink at the City’s Kamikaze bar or even a vibey jazz bar!? Kanpai!

 “Absolutely incredible trip! Such a fantastic opportunity to visit a country I have been so obsessed with for so long, you are making my dreams come true! I have met some incredible people along the way, friends which I will treasure and share this time in my life with for a long time!”

Travellers holding cans of beer and posing for a photo in a busy, brightly lit city street


Well, they've said it all, now it's time to experience it for yourself! Check out more about this awesome trip hereGot any questions? Head over to our website and jump on live chat and speak to a member of our lovely team directly! Happy travelling!

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