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How to Travel Whilst at University

Planning to travel while at uni can be stressful. You’ve got exams coming up, a budget to think about, and someone’s left a frying pan full of…something…soaking in the kitchen sink. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! Travelling while at university is easy.

Get organised

The summer comes around super quickly, so start researching your trip early. Think about where you want to go, and what sort of thing you’d like to do, and then get in touch with a travel advisor. The sooner you get it sorted, the sooner you can start getting excited about your fantastic summer!

Student budget

Travelling might seem like a long shot when you’re counting your pennies and eating basics beans straight from the tin. Luckily, going abroad doesn’t have to cost the earth! Group tours can be very affordable, and flexible travel passes mean you can build an adventure to suit your budget. Do your research and find a trip that won’t break the bank.

Book in advance

The earlier you book the better because a) you guarantee your spot on your dream trip, and b) you can spread out paying it off throughout the year. You could even time your payments to coincide with your student loan! (At Gap 360 you can book trips for as little as £49, and then pay it off as and when you can. Y’know. Just saying.)

Don’t wait for your mates!

Don’t hang around waiting for ‘that camping trip’ you and your mates talked about once, and definitely don’t count on the ‘free house’ your friend says they have in July. This is your summer – make something happen! You don’t need to go away with your friends. Group tours are a great way to meet new people and have an amazing time. Around 70% of people you’ll meet will be travelling alone too so you’ll soon find like-minded people to have adventures with. And then you can show off when you get back!


University is all about getting life experience and readying you for the world of work.  You can supercharge your education by getting involved with a volunteer programme abroad. Employers love to see some volunteering on a CV, so you’ll be setting yourself apart from everyone else and also have an awesome time while exploring the world!

Are you thinking of going travelling during your uni holidays? Let us know where you’re thinking of going.

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