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How to Keep Your Travel Money Safe

Keeping your travel money safe is a top priority on your gap year, so make sure you know how to protect your travel investments and keep your hard-earned cash under control.

Here are some tips for keeping your money safe:

Keep your cash hidden

You should always carry some cash on your person but not in huge amounts. It would be advisable to distribute your cash between your purse, pockets, and bag. You can always carry a secret stash somewhere, for example under the inner sole of your trainer, or in a make-up bag or sock! A money belt is a good way to keep your travel money safe when out and about, but keep it hidden beneath your shirt and only withdraw money from it in a secure place.

Withdrawing from ATMs

Take care when withdrawing cash at ATMs, always protect your pin and try not to withdraw large amounts at any one time. We recommend you don't withdraw cash alone; try to find a trustworthy fellow traveller to come with you when you withdraw cash from ATMs abroad. This’ll help ensure you keep your travel money safe.

Write down your bank's international contact numbers

If your bank card does get stolen or lost, it is useful to have your bank's international contact number to hand so that you can cancel it quickly and easily. This'll avoid you losing money and keep the majority of your travel money safe.

Get a prepaid travel card

A pre-paid travel card is a good way to keep your money safe. The card is not linked to your bank account, so if it is stolen you will only lose the money you have put onto the card. Plus, a pre-paid travel card can be cancelled quickly and easily. Find out more here.

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