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A boat sits on pristine, clear water on the edge of Koh Tao island

Ben and Harriet's Thailand Adventure - Day 13

By Gap 360

Last updated: 8th April 2013

Over the past few weeks, a few members of the Gap 360 team have been jetting off to some of our epic locations in South East Asia to check out our projects and experiences. Now's the time for Ben and Harriet to conquer Thailand. They're going to be travelling around and trying all things Thai for the next two weeks so expect updates galore from the troublesome twosome!

After having an amazing time volunteering, we spent our days 11-13 making our way down to the islands. We stopped back off at Bangkok for a couple of days to split up the trip, and then started the next part of our journey. We were both so excited to see a completely different part of Thailand!

Day 13

We arrived on the island of Koh Tao around 11:30 to be met by a prebooked taxi who took us 10 minutes down the road to start the next big adventure of our trip- diving! we were greeted by a guy called Phil (who runs our fantastic dive programme on the island) who checked us into our accommodation before taking us on a quick tour of the island; it's so beautiful!

After our whirlwind tour we tucked into (our first might I add!) full English breakfast, wow was it good! We were then introduced to a guy called Michael who took us out on the reef to go on a couple of dives. All I can say is that it was absolutely AMAZING, and a great addition to the end of anyone's trip! Koh Tao is only 30 minutes from Koh Phangan too which is where the Thai Adventure finishes- so it's definitely something worth considering doing once you've finished your tour.

We did the introductory dive which took us down 12 metres- and we were given a certificate of recognition which is valid for 1 year in case you wanted to move onto the next level. We then took the opportunity to get on with some serious sunbathing, so we spent the afternoon just chilling out on the boat's deck! We had a few beers at the dive centre before heading back to our rooms to freshen up. Around 8:30pm Harriet and myself were ready to see  what Koh Tao had to offer and I was really impressed- it was party central! Lots of nice bars with comfy chill out bean bags, and a bar called Lotus which really came to life around midnight, the music was well good and the fire dancers were amazing! I eventually called it a night at 3:30am, as the next morning we were due to head on to Koh Phangan!

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