Booking your flights

Booking your flights is one of the final stages of your gap travel plans. Once you have decided where you want to go, what activities you want to do and how long you want to go for, you'll now want to secure the best deals on flights to keep your trip on budget!

Get a great deal on flights with Flights 360

To find a great deal on plane tickets give Flights 360 a call and get the best bargains! Simply give the team a ring on 01892 543943 and let them know that you're a Gap 360 customer for your personalised flight quote. As experts on all of Gap 360's programmes Flights 360 will support you to make sure you are landing into the right place for the right time.

For a great flight deal call Flights 360 on 01892 543943 or email [email protected]

Plan your flight arrivals

When planning your arrival dates, you'll need to remember that time can play tricks when you travel. Changing datelines and time zones can mean as you travel you can skip hours or even whole days, so you should ensure that your in-country arrival date is actually the date you intended it to be before you book. For example you should make sure that you arrive on your trip start date unless your trip information states otherwise.

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The Flights Team

Ukali Walker - Flight Coordinator

Ukali Walker

Kali graduated from the University of Bedfordshire, in Geography and in the last twenty years visited over 40 countries, completed an eighteen month Round the World trip and in total he has spent over three years outside the UK travelling. His personal highlights of travel include staying on a private island in Central America, being mistaken for a professional footballer in Vietnam and seeing Hill Inlet in Australia his favourite beach in the world. Dream Trip? North Korea and the 'Stans'.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • China – Being offered weird meat on the backstreets on Guangzhou.
  • New Zealand - Selling various items to get by.
  • Belize – Spending four days on a desert Island with just three people on.

Charlie Thomson - Flight Coordinator

Charlie Thomson

Studying Geography at the University of Edinburgh provided Charlie with the added bonus of being able to travel to places like Iceland and Switzerland. After graduating, the first thing he decided to do was head to the USA and spend 3 months driving from one side of the country to the other. He then spent over a year in South Africa living in the bush and working in conservation. As part of the flights team at Gap 360, Charlie enjoys helping others find the best way to get to exciting places around the world.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • USA - NYC to Seattle road-trip
  • South Africa - Safaris
  • Iceland - seeing the Northern lights​