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ABTOT - Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust

With Gap 360 your booking is 100% financially secure.

When you book a trip with a travel organization it is vital that you check that the company has protection in place in the event that it fails financially.

In these difficult economic times, this is especially important. At Gap 360, we know that financing your gap year is one of your top priorities and we want you to feel completely confident that your money is in safe hands.

UK law states clearly that all travel organisations that accept bookings from the public must comply with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations. Gap 360 does this by providing a bond and membership of ABTOT, the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers. In the unlikely event of Gap 360 failing financially, the bond would pay back the money you had paid to us, or would pay the suppliers overseas to ensure that your trip can continue.

Do not book a trip with an organisation that does not have a bond to protect your money!

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