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Favela Experience, Brazil

Location -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro, around 30% of the population live in favelas (shanty-towns). There are over one thousand favelas ranging from those with slum-like conditions to those which are highly-functioning and vibrant. Residents of the favelas have seen increased challenges over the last few decades due to government corruption, drug trafficking and militias, and often the residents of favelas are discriminated against purely because of where they live. This makes it difficult for people, especially youth, to find employment and therefore often find themselves involved in criminal activities due to lack of alternative options. 

Favela Experience has developed a new social enterprise tour, which is led by the local people which allows them to earn an income. Travellers get to experience the local community by meeting local people, particupating Brazilian martial arts lessons, visiting an agro-forest and tasting locally brewed beers. They are also able to purchase locally handmade crafts which supports members of the community. Our local team have partnered with Favela Experience so that travellers can learn more about what life in favelas is really like, and in turn this helps increase revenue flow into the community, and providing the members of the community with a sustainable income. 

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