Farmstay in Canada

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Group Size: Varies

Trip code: CAFS

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Volunteer in rural Canada
All accommodation & meals included
Learn new skills on the farm!

Live and work on a farm in the spectacular Canadian countryside! Help out around a family farm in exchange for room and board, and enjoy an authentic experience in the fresh Canadian air! Farms are located all across Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, French-speaking Quebec or Atlantic Canada. Spend 2-4 weeks in rural Canada and have a farmstay experience you’ll never forget!

Trip highlights

  • Enjoy an authentic farm experience in the great Canadian outdoors!
  • Get accommodation and meals in return for your help on the farm
  • Learn new skills as you assist in the running of the farm
  • Discover stunning off the beaten track locations
  • Improve your French language skills with a placement in French-speaking Quebec!
Further trip information

Get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and retreat into the Canadian countryside on this fantastic farmstay experience. Live and work on a working family farm and discover the stunning natural landscapes of rural Canada. You will help out around the farm in return for room and board, and you will become a part of the family as you settle into life in gorgeous Canada. 

Where can I go?

British Columbia  - Canada’s westernmost province, this spectacular wilderness is a patchwork of deep forests, soaring mountains and epic coastlines.

Alberta - Discover Alberta, a wonderland of mirror-topped lakes, fairytale mountains and long stretches of open countryside.

Saskatchewan ­– Gaze out over rippling grasslands as far as the eye can see. These colourful fields stretch on into eternity and are the perfect rural escape!

Ontario – Ontario is home to over 250,000 sparkling lakes! Dotted among sweeping forests and rolling plains, discover these beautiful lakes in the heart of Canada!

French-speaking Quebec – Vast forests, cascading waterfalls and perfect lakes – plus the language of love! Improve your language skills in French-speaking Quebec.

Atlantic Canada – Coastal Canada awaits! Enjoy a rural retreat among cliffs, valleys and beaches on Canada’s East Coast.

What will my farm duties be?

This farmstay program typically requires 15 - 25 hours of work a week. Duties may include gardening, harvesting, fruit-picking, feeding the animals, cleaning/maintenance, and household accommodation duties. There are a variety of different farms to choose from across Canada. The main types of farm available are:

Agricultural farms – Help out growing vegetables and looking after livestock including sheep, cows, pigs, and goats!

Arts/Crafts/Artisanal Food Farms – Assist the production of small handicrafts or small quantities of cheese or other foods

Horticulture Farms – Work the land on farms where fruit and vegetables are grown.

Poultry Farms – Help out on chicken, duck, turkey or goose farms.

When you apply for your placement you will be able to list your preferences for the kind of farm you’d like to live on and where in Canada you’d most like to stay! Our team will then find a placement that best matches your preferences! Please note that is not always possible to meet all your preferences. In this case, the best available placement will be found for you.

What times of year do the farmstays run?

The farmstays run all year round apart from December and January. Please book a minimum of 8 weeks before you intend to arrive in Canada.

Booking options

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Please note that this programme does not run during December or January. The start date you select will be approximate only, and your finalised start date will be confirmed during your application process. We will try to start your placement as close as possible to your desired start date. You should book your placement at least 8 weeks in advance of your desired start date.