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Career Breaks and Sabbaticals

After months or even years slaving away at the same job, you may feel that now is the right time to treat yourself to a career break or sabbatical. Career breaks can be anything from a few weeks abroad to a full year’s sabbatical seeing the world. Take a well-earned break from the 9 to 5 routine and negotiate some time off from work to head off abroad on a gap year for grown ups! If you want to give yourself some breathing space from work to travel and explore the world, why not try to negotiate a career break for a few weeks or months? A career break is usually unpaid, but the advantage is that you can enjoy travel but return to a secure job, refreshed and ready for a new challenge. Sabbaticals can be a great way to escape the stress and responsibility of the workplace. Sabbaticals are usually taken for a longer period of time than a career break, and allow you time to explore a range of exciting destinations at your own pace. A career break or sabbatical can be the perfect opportunity to take a short gap break without all the commitments of a full-on trip.

Add to your skill set on a career break or sabbatical

Your workplace is more likely to approve you for a career break or sabbatical if you’re going to gain new skills or work experience while you are abroad. Choose a career break where you can learn and develop, and add to your existing skills by learning a language, getting work experience abroad or trying something new as a volunteer.

Want work experience abroad?

It’s possible that your job at home could be complemented by gaining work experience abroad, either by taking time out to do paid work abroad or by signing up for a unique internship opportunity abroad during your career break. If you are in the medical profession then signing up to help with medical work abroad can really broaden your career horizons. Some organisations will welcome you broadening your skill set, although we always advise you check that working abroad doesn’t create a conflict of interest with your existing job.

Fancy teaching abroad?

Many travellers on career breaks want to take up the challenge of teaching abroad. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a country and you can choose from volunteer teaching opportunities, or paid teaching jobs abroad. Teaching experience is a great way to spice up your CV!

Become a volunteer abroad

Many career breakers take the opportunity to make a difference on their travels by signing up to be a volunteer abroad. Help kids or communities, volunteer with wildlife, assist with conservation projects or make your mark with medical work abroad as a valued volunteer!

Take a break!

Taking a career break or sabbatical is a great way to step away from everyday life and see what the world has to offer. What are you waiting for...go travelling! 

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