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Australia Working Visa

Australia Working Visa

Thinking about doing work abroad on your gap year?  Wondering if you need a visa?  If you are travelling to Australia you will need to get a working holiday visa before you go.  In order to obtain an Australian working holiday visa, there are several criteria which you must meet. The visa is only granted to travellers between the ages of 18 and 35 who have no dependent children, and is given to those who intend on financing their travels with work in Australia. The person seeking the visa must hold a passport which has at least one year until it’s due for renewal. The person must not have any substantial medical conditions or criminal convictions in order to be granted a visa.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires anyone seeking a working holiday visa to have sufficient funds in their bank account to support themselves once arriving in Australia, and enough funds to purchase a return or onward fare. This amount depends on how long the holiday itself is, but the department considers AUD$5000 to be an adequate amount of money. You may be required to show evidence such as a bank statement or plane ticket.  For more advice on gap year finances see our financing page.

An Australian working visa costs around $450 Australian Dollars.  Once a working visa is granted, the holder has 12 months to travel to Australia, and the visa will be valid for 12 months once the holder arrives in Australia. You are entitled to work for up to a six month stretch with any employer at a time.  You can leave and re-enter Australia during the time the visa is valid.

Getting the right visa is an important part of your gap travel preparation so the sooner you get the practicalities sorted, the sooner you can anticipate your exciting gap year activities

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