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Aussie Specialist

aussie specialist

Gap 360 is a recommended Aussie Specialist, as designated by the Australian Tourist Board. Our fully trained and accredited Aussie Specialists are experienced, knowledgeable advisors who have completed Tourism Australia's online training programme, the State and Territory tourism organisations.

As a qualified Aussie Specialist, Gap 360 maintains an active relationship with Tourism Australia through trade events, online training programmes, e-newsletters and familiarisation trips to Australia. This means that Gap 360 travel advisors have up-to-the minute advice and information for planning your trip to Australia and can advise on gap year programmes and independent travel itineraries.

By being an Aussie Specialist, Gap 360 can continue to access on-going training, resources and knowledge to sell Australia with confidence and better serve the needs of our customers.

As an accredited retail travel company Gap 360 are regularly selling and promoting Australia to our customers. The Aussie Specialist program is designed to provide us with the knowledge and skills to sell Australia more effectively and has won awards for 'best training program' in the United Kingdom, Asia and United States of America. Working together means we are able to provide an informed and specialised service to our customers.

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