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Volunteer With Disabled Children Abroad

Do something worthwhile on your gap travels and volunteer with disabled children abroad. All around the world there are children with disabilities and special needs. They need daily care, education, assistance with basic tasks and help providing fun activities. Do you want to volunteer with kids and make a real difference on your travels? Volunteering with children with disabilities is an amazing way to give something back on your gap year.

Help with kids' care and create fun activities for the children to enjoy. Become an inspirational mentor to disabled children on your trip abroad. Volunteer with disabled children in India and stay in beautiful Kerala. Enjoy looking after disabled kids in Ecuador. Or get going to stunning South Africa and help disabled children as a Cape Town Community Volunteer. Volunteering with disabled children abroad can be a rewarding and life-changing experience!

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Volunteer with disabled children abroad

Volunteer with disabled children in India

Do you want to discover Asia on your travels? Do you also want to make a difference to the lives of disabled children? Volunteer with disabled children in India and help improve the lives of kids in your care. This inspirational trip will be life-changing for both you and the children!

Become a community volunteer in Cape Town

Have you got your sights set on travelling in South Africa? Set off for gorgeous Cape Town and help out local communities as a volunteer. Work with a project which helps teach and support disabled children in Cape Town settlements. Help provide a safe haven for South African kids who’ve had a difficult start in life. Do something important as a Cape Town community volunteer

Teach disabled children in Sri Lanka

Why not sign up for a teaching project in Sri Lanka? Help teach disabled children at a school in Kandy. Sri Lanka is a sensational destination! This magical country offers the ideal combination of culture, beaches and Asian flavour. Have a rewarding experience helping disabled children and explore stunning Sri Lanka. 

Volunteer with disabled children for a life-changing experience abroad!

2-60 days

Make a real difference to the lives of local communities in beautiful Cape Town. Choose from a range of fantastic volunteer projects, and transfer vital skills to local settlements, schools, and crèches. An unforgettable experience!

from £599

5-7 weeks

Explore inspirational India, and then make a difference in Kerala. This is an amazing way to soak up the different sides of India, as you explore the hottest sights and then live and work as part of the community.

from £2,119

3-8 weeks

Become a valued volunteer on this challenging but rewarding project looking after disabled children in beautiful Kerala, India. 

from £749

2 - 6 weeks

Become a volunteer English teacher on this super-rewarding volunteer programme in Sri Lanka! Teach kids aged 3-12 and make a real difference in the local community!

from £599