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Choosing a Daypack

Choosing a Daypack

A daypack is an important part of your kit. It can be a backpack or another type of compact bag. It’s basically a small bag which can carry all your important documents and valuables such as your phone, passport, mobile, wallet, medication and camera. You will normally keep this bag with you at all times. It will be your hand luggage on flights and it will be with you when you travel around by train, boat or on bus journeys. It will be the bag you take with you on day trips, to restaurants and bars. You may even use it as a makeshift pillow when travelling on long journeys. Your bag needs to be robust. It should be big enough to carry all your gap year kit but small enough to fit into overhead luggage compartments.

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Keep your belongings safe in a daypack

Getting a bag with two zips that join together so you can lock it with a small padlock is a good idea. This will help deter potential thieves from trying to lift items from your bag.  A small rucksack can be worn on your front when walking in busy areas, which is also very useful for when you have your main backpack on. You may feel a little foolish but at least you will be able to see your bag at all times!  Getting the right kit is one of the main pre-departure essentials and a daypack is an important part of your gap travel preparation

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