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Will I Need a Sleeping Bag?

Will I Need a Sleeping Bag?

You might be wondering if you need a sleeping bag as part of your gap year kit?  Sleeping bags can be bulky and awkward to carry so they are probably only worth taking if you know for sure that you will need one. Have a think about the sorts of activities you will be doing and what the weather could be like in the countries you are visiting as part of your gap travel preparation

When might I need a sleeping bag?

Sometimes sleeping bags are an essential, especially if you are visiting destinations with cold climates. In some instances, you may have been told to take one as part of your kit list on an organised tour or excursion. If this is the case, find out what temperatures you could be sleeping in, then visit a specialist shop and the staff will advise you on which season bag to buy.

Sleeping bag liners

In warmer countries you could consider sleeping in a silk sleeping bag liner. This is essentially a sewn up sheet. They are great because they keep you cool, they don’t take up much space and they wash and dry easily. 

Hostel etiquette

Please note that some hostels don’t allow you to use your sleeping bag, as they are concerned about bedbugs. This is often the case at some hostels in Australia and New Zealand. Most hostels now provide bedding so you won’t need a sleeping bag; however, it’s best to check before you go.

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