Gap year and careers

Why Will a Gap Year Help My Career?

Wondering whether a gap year can help your career? There's no doubt that going on a gap year is an amazing opportunity for fun and adventure, but it's much more than that. Taking a gap year can give you incredible experience for your CV, add to your skills and set you up for a future career.

Take up a new challenge

Going on a gap year is an exciting challenge. Whatever activities you choose to do, whether you want to do paid work, volunteer, have adventure and party time, learn new skills or take a tour, you will be adding to your skill set, pushing yourself and showing you can rise to a challenge. Going on a gap year can show future employers that you are brave, daring, adventurous, resourceful and independent - all highly desirable skills!

Get work experience abroad

Many gap travellers choose to spend some of their time abroad earning money in a paid job. By signing up for a paid work package, travellers can not only top up their travel funds but also gain serious work experience abroad. Having work experience in another country is one way of making your CV stand out, so once you're out in the UK job market it can really give you an edge. Taking up a paid work challenge abroad proves that you are adaptable, independent and can work under pressure in another country.

With such a wide range of paid work opportunities abroad, you can find specific industry experience too. Whether you want professional work experience, hospitality work, teaching jobs, farm work, skilled labour jobs, Au Pair and childcare work, medical internships (plus much more!) you can find relevant work and make your CV shine.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering abroad is a rewarding and wonderful experience. It is so fulfilling knowing that you have made a difference to communities in other countries, and you will make some magical memories which will last a lifetime. Volunteering is also a fantastic way to gain skills and experience for your CV. Employers look favourably on applicants who have volunteered, as it shows a willingness to help as well as experience in a specific area. You can volunteer in an area which may be relevant to your future career: Choose from a wide range of volunteer opportunities such as volunteer teaching, childcare, medical work, wildlife, conservation work, building projects, community volunteering, sports coaching and much more!

Learn new skills

A gap year can be the perfect time to learn new skills. With the freedom to travel and allow time to learn, why not add to your skill set while you travel? There are so many brilliant learning and self development opportunities on offer around the world. You could learn a language such as Spanish and make your CV sizzle, or you could train as a ski instructor, do sailing training and get set up for a sailing job, learn a martial art, add to your teaching skill set, improve your medical knowledge, learn to surf or scuba dive, learn about conservation or wildlife, and much more. These are all transferable skills which can only improve your employability factor in the future!

Get a career confidence boost

One of the best benefits of going on a gap year is the transformation it will make to your confidence and independence. Once you've been brave enough to travel the world, and even work or volunteer abroad, or learnt new skills, made new friends and expanded your horizons you'll feel much more ready to take on a new career challenge in the future - and you can't put a price on that!