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What Footwear Should I Take?

What Footwear Should I Take?

Trainers and flip-flops are usually essential footwear on your gap year travels, but there are occasions, such as climbing up mountains, when you will need to have a good pair of hiking boots. Your choice of footwear will really depend on the kind of activities you plan to do. Here are some suggestions for essential gap travel footwear:

Flip Flops

There are so many reasons why these rubber shoes should be part of your gap year kit list. They keep your feet cool, they are really practical and you can wear them in a dirty shower. You can easily remove them when camping, when getting on and off a boat or before entering a building where it is courteous to remove your shoes.


You should take one pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Trainers are ideal as they are great both for casual walking and light trekking.

Hiking boots

If you intend to do some more serious adventure trekking then a good pair of hiking boots are essential. There are many types to choose from. The most important thing is to make sure they are comfortable and that you wear them in before you travel. The key thing to look for in a pair of boots is ensuring they are waterproof (not just water resistant). If you have weak ankles, you should choose some that are high enough to support your ankles. You also need to consider buying a pair that are big enough to accommodate thick hiking socks. Ideally you should have a little bit of space around your toes for when you descend steep hills. This helps prevent your toes from bruising or blistering. Staff at specialist shops can help you choose a suitable pair.

Sports sandals

They can be quite ugly but they are actually extremely useful. They can act as a middle ground between trainers and flip-flops. They offer some support but keep your feet cool. You can get them wet and they will protect your feet if you have to wade through streams or shallow water. They are robust, really comfortable and are a popular choice of footwear among travellers.

Other shoes to take

You may consider taking a smart pair with you if you intend to do paid work while you travel. Alternatively, you can simply buy a pair as and when you need them. That way you don’t have to carry them around and they won’t get squashed in your bag.

Ensuring you have good and appropriate footwear is an essential part of your gap travel preparation and will help you avoid any unnecessary blisters and keep your tootsies intact! 

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