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Duration: 3 - 4 weeks

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Spend time in stunning Sri Lanka on this culture & volunteer experience. Enjoy a 1-week orientation in colourful Kandy and learn about Sri Lankan culture, visit temples and enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan massage! Spend 2-3 weeks volunteering at inspiring childcare, teaching or community projects and gain amazing experience for your CV. As if that wasn't enough, you can add on a brilliant beach week, a body and mind week and/or an adventure trekking week after your volunteering ends - amazing!

Trip highlights

  • Boost your CV with new volunteer skills and experience in stunning Sri Lanka
  • Spend an awesome cultural orientation week in the colourful town of Kandy, which includes language lessons, temple and musueum visits, cookery classes, a traditional dance show and a relaxing Sri Lankan massage
  • Spend some incredible weeks working as a volunteer at childcare, teaching and community projects in and around Kandy
  • Mentor and inspire kids in a teaching role, help out at childcare centres or volunteer at other rewarding community projects such as elderly care, animal care or temple refurbishment
  • Add on up to 3 awesome weeks as an optional extra: A relaxing beach week, a body and mind week and/or an adventure trekking week!
Further trip information

This fantastic volunteer experience in Sri Lanka includes one week’s cultural orientation, and a minimum of two weeks volunteering at rewarding childcare, teaching or community projects in the colourful Sri Lankan town of Kandy. You can also choose from 3 amazing add-on weeks after your volunteering ends; a brilliant beach week, a body and mind week or an adventure and trekking week - awesome!

Week 1: Orientation Week

Sunday: Arrival day.

Monday: Introductory talk, excursion into Kandy town. Evening: Kandyan dancing performance followed by group dinner.

Tuesday: Museum visits, village walk and temple visit.

Wednesday: Visit to the ‘Temple of the Tooth’. Buddhism lesson at a monastery.

Thursday: Cookery lesson, visit to a tea factory and language lesson.

Friday: Visit to the “Bahirawa kannda” Buddha statue. Visit to a wood carving and a batik factory.  Relax with a traditional Sri Lankan massage.

Saturday & Sunday: Free weekend.

Volunteer Projects

Volunteering takes place at a wide range of childcare, teaching and community projects available in and around the area of Kandy in Sri Lanka. The projects that will be available during your visit will vary and will depend on the needs of the local community at the time of your trip. Your project(s) will be allocated to you on arrival, so volunteers should be flexible, enthusiastic and willing to get stuck in and help at a variety of worthwhile and rewarding volunteer projects.

Once you have been assigned a project, you will spend a minimum of a week there and you may then be able to help out at a different project each week. Volunteers may be allocated one project for the morning session and another project in an afternoon session. You will be assigned to a project with at least one other volunteer.

Project locations vary from a few minutes walk away from your accommodation in Kandy to up to 2 hours' bus ride away. Costs of travel are covered but you will be expected to pay upfront and be reimbursed your travel costs later. Travel is extremely cheap, so expect to pay around 10p upwards for a typical bus journey.

Volunteers will work from Monday-Friday, with weekends off. Typical hours of work are 8.00am to 12.00pm, with a 2-hour break for lunch, followed by an afternoon session from 2.00pm to 4.30pm. Some projects are evenings only. Please note: Some projects are only available for female volunteers, please ask for more details.

Volunteer projects include:

1) Childcare Projects

  • A babies and toddlers orphanage for children aged 2 weeks to 3 years
  • A girls' orphanage for girls aged 4-17. Evenings-only project (45 minute journey from Kandy)
  • A boys' orphanage for boys aged 5-17. Evenings-only project. 20 mins walk from accommodation
  • A disabled centre for over 100 kids and adults

2) Teaching Projects

  • Teaching monks English and maths
  • Assisting teachers at local pre-schools
  • Offering extra English tuition to village kids (evenings)
  • Daycare for children of street cleaners
  • Teaching at a disabled school

On a typical school day, volunteers will be expected to deliver around 2 or 3 lesson periods minimum, with each lesson lasting 45 minutes. You will also spend some time on lesson planning and observing lessons. At temples or in the village communities, teaching is less structured and you may teach classes lasting 1.5 hours, with flexible demand for classes.

Please Note: Teaching volunteering is not available all year round, as projects will be closed during Sri Lankan school holidays, during dates in April, July-August and December.

3) Other Community Projects

  • Helping out at a local elderly home in Kandy
  • Helping to clean and paint local temples for refurbishment
  • Helping at a local dog and cat project which cares for stray animals

Optional Add-Ons

Why not add on one or more of these amazing week-long experiences in Sri Lanka after your project ends? The Body & Mind Week and the Adventure Trekking Week are based in the same location and accommodation as your volunteering in Kandy, while the Beach Week is based in the beautiful southern coastal town of Ambalangoda. 

Adventure and Trekking Week

Day 1, Monday: Introduction and visit to a local Spice Plantation. On to Sigiriya Rock where you will also have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable elephant ride. On the way back from Sigiriya you will take a trek through the amazing Rose Stone Garden.
Day 2, Tuesday: Go on a beautiful walk through local villages and visit three loop temples around Kandy.
Day 3, Wednesday: Trek to Bible Rock and spend the day there, returning to Kandy in the evening.
Day 4, Thursday: Travel to the Ambuluwawa Hills for a trekking adventure, heading back to Kandy in the evening.
Day 5, Friday: Pay a visit to the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens.
Days 6 & 7, Saturday and Sunday: Look back on your week with some group discussions, with the rest of the weekend free for you to explore or relax.

Body and Mind Week

The relaxing and reinvigorating Body and Mind week is based in Kandy, and offers a combination of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic treatment. Enjoy 5 days of guided yoga exercises and breathing techniques, during which you will be taught the 12 yoga postures (Asanas) which make up the Sun Salutation. You will also take part in guided meditations so you can achieve true tranquillity in Sri Lanka. 1 week’s accommodation is included.

Beach Week in Ambalangoda

Day 1: Visit two temples including the largest sleeping Buddha statue in south Asia.
Day 2: Go on a river safari and keep an eye out for crocodiles!
Day 3: Take a trip to the only blue moonstone mine in the world and visit the town of Hikkaduwa.
Day 4: Enjoy a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Galle Fort.
Day 5: Learn about local culture on visits to the Ambalangoda mask museum and local Batik factory.

All activities start in the morning leaving your afternoons free to relax on the beach.

Dates & booking
Teaching volunteering is not available during Sri Lankan school holidays, which includes some dates in January, March, April, June, July, August, November, and December. Alternative volunteering projects will be available during these times. Please note that there are various religious and public holidays during the year and on these days no activities take place. Please contact us for further information.