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Volunteer Teaching Abroad

Become a volunteer teacher abroad! Do you want to spend time teaching and help communities and kids abroad? You can volunteer as a teacher even if you don't have any teaching qualifications. Why not join one of our volunteer teaching teams abroad and make a difference? Teaching abroad is an amazing opportunity. You can help kids and communities in other countries. Give them the gift of communicating in English and improve their prospects for the future.

Take time out of your busy life to do something highly rewarding and fun! Volunteer teachers will also come away with an enormous sense of satisfaction. You'll also add new skills to your CV. You can teach abroad in Asia or inspire kids as a teacher in Africa. Why not teach kids in India or become a school gap assistant in Australia? Or share your skills as a sports coach abroad. Whatever teaching experience you want, we have the teaching trip to suit you!

If you would prefer to do paid teaching abroad, check out our paid teaching programmes.

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Volunteer teaching abroad

Volunteer teaching in Asia

Do you dream of visiting Asia? Become a teaching volunteer and explore amazing Asia at the same time! Head to beautiful Bali and become a teacher. Teach at a school in Kerala, India or teach English in Sri Lanka. Stay in breathtaking Nepal and teach kids as a community volunteer. Or join a teaching project in Thailand and inspire kids in Asia!

African teaching opportunities

Head to Africa for a rewarding teaching adventure. Become a community volunteer and teach kids in Cape Town, South Africa. Teach at a school in Tanzania or teach children in magical Malawi. You can’t beat the buzz you get from teaching new skills to kids around the world!

Teach Down Under

Sign up to be a school gap assistant in Australia. Live and working at an Aussie boarding school and earn a small allowance too. A ‘gappie’ helps with teaching, coaching sports and general support at the school. It’s a great way of gaining teaching experience and exploring Down Under at the same time!

Coach sports abroad

If you fancy focusing on teaching sports abroad, you can choose to volunteer as a sports coach. Coach football to kids in South Africa and spot the footy stars of the future. Or coach sports in gorgeous Ghana or Malawi. Share your sporting skills with children in Africa!

Other teaching projects abroad

There are so many more awesome teaching placements on offer abroad. You can teach English to kids in Costa Rica. Or perfect your teaching skills at education projects in Peru. Or have fun teaching kids in Fiji. There are so many mind-blowing destinations where you can teach, travel and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Volunteer as a teacher and inspire and educate kids around the world!

2-12 weeks

Puts your sports skills to good use as a sports coach on this African adventure!  Explore Africa and inspire the next generation of sporting stars as you share your sports know-how with kids in Ghana.

from £449

4-8 weeks

Spend sunny African afternoons coaching volleyball, football, netball and rounders teams on this life changing volunteer experience! You’ll share your sporting skills with Malawian kids, and provide crucial education in local schools.

from £1,079