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Group Size: Max 13

Trip code: GRT

Duration: 75 days

Guided group tour across the USA
Visit 48 of the 50 states
Accommodation and activities included

If you’re going to travel America, you might as well do it properly! This is the ultimate American road trip, journeying across country from Miami to Seattle. Travelling with a group and guide, you’ll hit buzzing cities such as New York and Chicago, dramatic National Parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite, and quirky roadside towns such as Asheville and Luckenbach. Take in the best of North and South as you meander from East to West and make memories that’ll last a lifetime on the great open road!

Trip highlights

  • Spend 3 months travelling across the USA, from the south-eastern tip of Florida to the north-western city of Seattle
  • Visit beaches, mountains, canyons, forests, sand dunes and even a lunar landscape!
  • Experience buzzing cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas
  • Camp out in the spectacular landscapes of 15 National Parks and Forests across the country!
  • Travel with a tour guide and a bunch of like-minded road trippers!
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What's included
  • 74 nights of accommodation
  • Travel through 48 American States
  • Niagara Falls visit and Maid of the Mist boat trip
  • Las Vegas Limo Tour
  • Appalachian Mountains Hike
  • Mammoth Cave National Park visit
  • Explore Carlsbad Caverns
  • Sunset at The Grand Canyon
  • Mount Rushmore visit
  • Admission to 18 national parks including Yellowstone and Yosemite
  • Dedicated tour guide
  • Private transport with free on-board Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour emergency support
What's not included
  • International Flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Food kitty when camping (USD10 per day)
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals, snacks and drinks
  • Optional activities
Further trip information

Embark on an epic road trip through 48 American States! Travelling from East to West, this tour takes in bustling cities, remote towns and gorgeous National Parks.

Day 1: Miami – The Everglades. Kick off in cool-as-a-cucumber Miami. Drift south to the wetlands of The Everglades and spend the night in a chickee!

Day 2-3: Savannah. Cross into Georgia for some old-style southern charm in the city of Savannah. Wander among the beautiful town squares and parks and try out some delicious southern delicacies.

Day 4: Charleston. Next up - the cobbled streets of Charleston. Watch horse-drawn carriages gliding past old Civil-War houses, and be transported to the USA of ages past. 

Day 5: Asheville. Your next destination is the trendy city of Asheville, a city of galleries and microbreweries that is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Day 6-7: Great Smoky Mountains National Park. America’s most popular National Park welcomes you today. Spend two days away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and wander the many trails and forest walks that are found here.

Day 8: West Virginia. Wonderful West Virginia beckons today. Try out some optional adventure activities such as tree canopy zip lining and white water rafting on the New River (extra costs of USD80 and USD75-90). 

Day 9-10: Washington, DC. En route to the political hub of the USA, trek a section of the Appalachian Mountains, a dramatic range of tree covered slopes. In Washington, check out some of the nation’s most famous monuments, including Jefferson Monument, Capitol Hill and, of course, the White House. 

Day 11-12: Philadelphia – New York City. Sprint up the ‘Rocky Steps’ in Philly, and check out the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, before nosing north to the city that never sleeps; New York City! 

Please note: your time in New York City will be unguided so you can explore as you please!

Day 13-14: Boston. Walk along the Freedom Trail to see 16 famous sites of the American Revolution, go to the place where everybody knows your name – the ‘Cheers’ bar, and snap up some bargains at Faneuil Hall. 

Day 15-16: Acadia National Park. Your final East Coast stop is Acadia NP, a gorgeous region of mountains, forests, lakes and ocean. Spend your days hiking and relaxing and soak up the incredible beauty of this place. 

Day 17-18: White Mountain National Forest. More beautiful landscapes today! Trek through soaring woodland and drink in the epic views from forest clearings. Watch a sea of stars appear as you make camp in the evening.

Day 19: Green Mountains. Cross into Vermont and discover the shifting colours of the Green Mountains. 

Day 20: Niagara Falls. Surely the queen of all waterfalls, the mighty Niagara is your destination today. Stop off in the cultural hotspot of Buffalo en route.

Day 21: Cleveland. Back to Niagara for the famous Maid of the Mist boat trip. Waterproofs definitely recommended! Then skirt around Lake Erie en route to Cleveland, your stop for the evening.

Day 22-23: Van Buren State Park. Into Michigan now, and the lakeside retreat of Van Buren State Park. Climb up gigantic sand dunes, paddle in the shallows of the lake and stroll along tranquil woodland trails. 

Day 24: Indianapolis. Plunge south now into the State of Indiana and head for the capital: Indianapolis. There are some epic nightlife and shopping districts that’ll keep you busy!

Day 25: Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth Cave is twice the size of the world’s next largest cave system! Explore 400 miles of passageways, rivers and corridors full of soaring stalactites and stalagmites meander deep underground.

Day 26-27: Nashville. Onward to Nashville, the country music capital of the world! Pull on your dancing boots and prepare for the city’s hip swinging, heel clicking music scene. 

Day 28: Birmingham. Welcome to Birmingham, Alabama, home to southern jazz and civil rights, plus a delicious southern dish or two (country-fried steak with butter beans is highly recommended!). 

Day 29-30: New Orleans. Today you roll into New Orleans, the birthplace of Dixieland! This colourful city is famous for its easy going atmosphere and its love of good food, good drink and good music. 

Day 31: Tupelo. The musical magic continues today with a visit to Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis Presley.

Day 32-33: Clarksdale – Memphis. Swing through Clarksdale and on to Memphis, two towns that are soaked in smoky blues music. 

Day 34: St. Louis. Go thrill seeking in St. Louis at Six Flags, an awesome amusement park with tons of roller coasters and water rides. 

Day 35-36: Chicago. Welcome to the Windy City! Famous for its delicious pizza and smoky blues, Chicago is a must for the American road tripper. 

Day 37: Wisconsin Dells. More action and adventure today with a visit to Wisconsin Dells, home to water parks, roller coasters and an amphibious bus called the Wisconsin Duck! 

Day 38: Minneapolis. You’re halfway through your epic road trip! Visit the Black River Falls and Minnehaha Falls, and then take a trip to America’s largest shopping mall! 

Day 39: Des Moines – Kansas City. Knock through 3 states today: Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. Stop off at Des Moines for lunch and then prepare for a night among the barbeque smoke pits and swanky country clubs of Kansas City. 

Day 40: Oklahoma City. Continuing South as you carve through the centre of America you’ll come to the capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. The home of cattle and cowboys, tip your stetson as you roll into town and gaze up at the stars from camp.

Day 41-42: Dallas. Dallas is infamous as the location of John F Kennedy’s assassination. There’s plenty more that Dallas has to offer though, including a sizzling live music scene and more shopping malls than you can shake your wallet at. 

Day 43: Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Head underground in New Mexico in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Head back at sunset to see an incredible swarm of bats emerging from the caves to feast on insects. An unforgettable sight!

Day 44-45: Santa Fe. Cruise through Canyon Road to pick up some gorgeous arts and crafts and then wander Santa Fe’s historic neighbourhoods and contemporary shopping districts. 

Day 46: Great Sand Dunes National Park. An extraordinary sight today: a desert of towering sand dunes wedged between lush grasslands and snow capped mountains! 

Day 47-48: Rocky Mountain National Park. More jaw-dropping natural beauty today as you head north through Colorado to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Day 49-50: Mount Rushmore. Stare into the faces of four of the nation’s best-loved presidents chiselled into the cliffs of Mount Rushmore. 

Day 51: Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Cross into North Dakota and explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 

Day 52: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Visit a shrine to the Sioux and Cheyenne Native Americans who struggled to survive as settlers took their land and changed the world around them. 

Day 53-54: Yellowstone National Park. Glorious Yellowstone is next, with its explosive geysers, multi-coloured waterfalls and roaming herds of bison and elk. 

Day 55: Craters Of The Moon National Monument. Discover a landscape that is the closest we have to the surface of the moon. One small step for man!

Day 56: Salt Lake City. Utah’s capital city is home to temples, museums, heritage parks and hip-hop clubs. Quite the mix! 

Day 57-58: Arches National Park – Dead Horse Point. Arches National Park is made up of over 2000 natural archways which twist and shimmer in the baking hot sun. Jump on a BMX, rev up a 4x4, buckle up for some canyoneering or take to the skies in a hot air balloon. 

Day 59: Monument Valley. Now for the epic cowboy landscapes of Monument Valley. Join an optional guided Najavo 4x4 tour for a different perspective on the valley (extra cost USD55). 

Day 50-61: Grand Canyon National Park. Two days now at the incredible Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Hike along the rim trails and peer down the edge of this mighty canyon. 

Day 62-63: Route 66-Las Vegas. Journey down the legendary Route 66 as you snake through Arizona and Nevada. Then it’s time for Vegas Baby! Enjoy a stretch-limo tour along the main strip.

Day 64-65: Los Angeles. Keep your eyes peeled for celebs as your roll into the gleaming streets of LA. Wander the walk of fame, get a pic next to the iconic Hollywood sign and explore chilled-out Venice Beach!

Day 66: Santa Barbara. Continue up the stunning Californian Coast to the white walls and red roofs of Santa Barbara. 

Day 67: Big Sur. Hit the best stretch of West Coast road today as you drive up the sparkling Californian Coast. Check out Big Sur’s McWay Falls, an 80ft. waterfall that rushes onto a private beach below.

Day 68-69: Yosemite National Park. Drive into the exquisite surroundings of Yosemite National Park and spend two days wandering through sweeping forests, climbing rocky mountain slopes and chilling on the banks of gentle streams. 

Day 70-71: San Francisco. Roll into the crazy-cool city of San Fran. Kick off with a tour of the Golden Gate Bridge and then head off to explore for yourself. 

Day 72-73: Redwood National Park. Get away from the bustle of city living and enter the leafy wonderland of Redwood National Park. Round off the day with sunset by the Pacific Ocean.

Day 74: Portland. Your penultimate stop is the hip city of Portland. With hipster coffee shops on every corner and independent breweries aplenty, you’ll have lots of options for your final night of celebration with your road trip mates!

Day 75: Seattle. Finish up in the cosmopolitan cool of Seattle. Your tour ends at approximately 5pm. If you plan to fly out tonight please do not book a flight that departs before 9pm. Alternatively you could book an extra night in Seattle and enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Booking options

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Arrival information

Your tour begins at 7:30am on day 1 at a hotel in Miami. Due to the early start we recommend you arrive a day early and book an extra night of accommodation before your tour begins. This extra accommodation is at your own cost.

The tour ends in Seattle on day 75 at around 5pm. If you plan to leave on this day, please do not book a flight that departs before 9pm to allow for transfer and check-in. We strongly recommend booking an extra night of accommodation at your own cost and flying out the next day.

Arrival and departure airport transfers are not included however are easily arranged either before you go or when you land.

Accommodation & meals

74 nights of accommodation are included on this tour. The majority of your nights will be spent camping (2 per tent), while 2 nights will be spent in hotels (twin share) and 11 nights in budget accommodation (single sex dorms). All camping equipment and fees are included apart from a sleeping bag and pillow, which you will need to bring yourself.

Meals are not included on this tour. A food kitty is in place to cover all meals while camping. You will need to contribute USD10 a day to cover these meals. All cooking equipment is provided and you will take turns as a group to prepare meals. In the cities, you are encouraged to head out and sample local specialties at restaurants and food markets. Please allow some extra spending money for these meals out.

Minimum age & eligibility

The minimum age to join this group tour is 18. Please note that the legal drinking age in the USA is 21 years. If you are under 21, you will not be permitted into pubs, bars or casinos.

British Nationals visiting the USA will be able to travel (for tourism purposes) under the US Visa Waiver Programme for durations of up to 90 days. All travellers going to the United States will have to complete the ESTA form online for authorisation under the Visa Waiver Programme. Visa rules and regulations are subject to change. Please check the relevant embassy websites for the most up to date visa information.

Covid safety

This trip is designed with your safety and wellbeing in mind. As a result of Covid-19, many of our suppliers and partners around the world are introducing new policies and procedures surrounding health and safety in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. As the state of travel is evolving these new safety measures will adapt over time, and will be different for each trip. Here are some of the changes you may see on your trip:

Arrival safety meetings
Most trips have an arrival meeting on the first day where the guide or local team will run through the trip, the safety protocols, and to answer any questions you may have. Now more than ever it is important you arrive in time for these meetings.

Updated hygiene and safety procedures
Our suppliers and partners have health and safety procedures in place on all of our trips. These protocols will be updated and adapted as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, dependent on local restrictions and laws.

Transport and accommodation choices
Our suppliers and partners choose the accommodation and transport on our trips very carefully, and you may see a change to what would normally be used as a response to the outbreak. This may involve such changes as enhanced use of private transport or quieter accommodation.

Trained and knowledgeable staff
Our staff in the UK are trained to help you with your trip before you depart and answer any questions you may have. In addition, the local team and guides on our trips are there to help with any health and safety concerns and to ensure our trips run safely and smoothly.

Reduced group sizes
Some trips will run with reduced group sizes to start with. You may find that trips are more intimate and chilled, whilst still being packed with fun and adventure.

Your guide or the local team will be on hand to help you seek medical attention should you require it during your trip. As medical facilities and standards can vary around the world, you should ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place before you depart to cover you for any medical emergencies.

24/7 emergency support
We operate an emergency phone line for our travellers abroad. This is operated by a UK based member of staff 24/7 if you have a genuine emergency or urgent matter that you need attending.

It is important that you take measures to make travelling safer for yourself and others around you. Ensure you frequently wash your hands, cover your face when you sneeze and cough, bring and use your own hand sanitiser and facial coverings/masks, and enable social distancing where necessary. You should also ensure you listen to the instructions and guidance of the local team at all times, and follow all local laws and restrictions.

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