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The latest travel alerts and safety updates from Gap 360

Coronavirus Travel Information - 2020

Here you can find the latest information and updates regarding future trips.

When can I travel, and where can I go?
In early July 2020, the FCO amended its travel advice, paving the way for travel to a select list of destinations. You can find that list here.

This is the first step to allow international travel again. Some countries may still impose local entry restrictions, such as mandatory quarantines. Because of this, we are working with our suppliers and local partners to slowly begin running trips where it is feasible and safe to do so.

For the latest information on which trips are running and when, you should contact one of our helpful Travel Advisors.

The travel situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak is a fluid situation, changing regularly. All information, regulations, and trip departures are subject to change without warning, and for the latest information regarding your travel plans, you should contact your Travel Advisor or check the latest FCO advice.

Will trips be different as a response to the outbreak?
Many of our suppliers and partners are introducing new policies and procedures surrounding health and safety in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. These may include smaller group sizes, additional hygiene measures, expanded use of private transport, and more.

As our trips begin to start running again we will have more information regarding the changes to our trips.

What about Travel Insurance?
Travellers will need to check with their Travel Insurance provider to ensure they have adequate and valid coverage for the destination(s) they are planning to visit. You should also check your policy to ensure you will be covered for medical expenses in your destination(s).

As a result of the pandemic, cancellation cover may vary between providers and is likely to be more restrictive than it was previously, so you should speak to your provider about what will be covered.

Can I book a trip now?
We have many travellers booking trips, especially for 2021 and beyond. We want to ensure our travellers have the flexibility and peace of mind to ensure they can book with confidence. We are running some great offers and incentives at the moment, such as free date changes, should you want to postpone your trip at a later date.

As we offer so many trips in so many different destinations, we don't have a blanket policy for all of our trips - so simply see the special offers page for the latest information and booking policies, or contact one of our friendly travel advisors who will talk you through your options.

Remember - if you book a trip now you can do so with just a deposit, and you aren't required to book flights at the same time. That said, many airlines are also offering flexible booking policies, so it's worth getting in contact with our flights partner Flights 360 to see what options you have.

What if I already have a trip booked? Is my trip running?
We are proactively contacting customers due to travel soon where their trip(s) have been impacted.

For customers due to travel further in the future, we will be closely monitoring the situation and will evaluate the FCO advice and local entry restrictions nearer the time of your trip.

If you would like to postpone your trip for peace of mind, please contact your travel co-ordinator via email and they will be happy to assist you and outline your options regarding changing your start date or trip. You can contact them at [email protected]

Last updated 8th July 2020.

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