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Calling all sports lovers! Want to play sports abroad, become a sports coach or enjoy extreme sports on your gap trip? Fulfil your sporting dreams abroad! Have an action-packed travelling adventure in amazing destinations. Visit Australia, New Zealand, the USA, South America and more! Are you looking to amp up the sports factor on your trip? Try high-octane sports activities such as surfing, white water rafting, diving or swimming with sharks. Challenge yourself on an extreme sports adventure!

Do you want to become a sports coach abroad? Sign up for a volunteer sports coaching programme in amazing Africa and share your sports skills. Teach sports such as football, swimming and cricket to kids. Maybe martial arts is your thing? Do you dream of adventure trekking abroad? Want to skydive? Find your favourite sports adventure and pack your gap trip full of unforgettable sporting moments!


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Teach or play sports on your gap year

Wonderful watersports

Are you heading off abroad on a gap trip? Why not try the amazing range of watersports on offer around the world? There’s so much fun to be had on the ocean waves! Or you can try watersports along the world’s winding rivers. Enjoy a scuba diving adventure or go surfing from stunning beaches. Snorkel through gorgeous coral reefs and sail around idyllic islands. Kayak along peaceful rivers or get your heart racing with some white water rafting! You’re never far from your next watersports experience.

Coach sports abroad

Fancy becoming a sports coach abroad? Do you have some sports skills you’d like to share with kids around the world? Sign up as a sports coach and make a difference on your travels. There are plenty of awesome sports coaching opportunities in Africa. Coach sports to kids in South Africa, Ghana or Malawi. Or apply to be a school gap assistant in Australia and help with sports coaching as well as other school duties. Whether you’re into football, rugby, tennis, basketball, swimming, hockey, netball, cricket or any other sport, share your sports skills as a sports coach!

Enjoy extreme sports

Calling all thrill seekers! Want to get your adrenaline pumping with some extreme sports adventures? If you’re looking to max out the action while you travel abroad, you can choose from an exciting range of extreme activities. Go bungee jumping and see the world upside down. Skydive above sensational scenery! Go ziplining in magical rainforests. Try caving or rock climbing in some of the world’s most rugged terrains. Or hit the slopes for skiing and snowboarding sports adventures abroad!

Seek out new sports adventures

Are you seeking some serious sports fun abroad? There are plenty of other sports adventures to be had! Try a new sports challenge and expand your sporting horizons. Why not try adventure trekking and hike through breathtaking mountains or awe-inspiring scenery? Test your limits with some amazing martial arts training in Asia. Or go on a unique outback horse adventure in Australia. When it comes to sports, the sky's the limit!

Sign up for an unforgettable sports adventure abroad!

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