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Special Needs Volunteering

Special Educational Needs Volunteering

Want to make a real difference with a volunteering placement abroad? Then why not spend your gap year working with children and young adults with special educational needs? Like many children in the UK, disabled children who live abroad are often at a disadvantage and need that little bit of extra help and support from dedicated volunteers. This is your chance to see the world and do some good!

Valuable Volunteering

There are some fantastic non-profit organisations that help children from around the world with special educational needs. However, many can’t afford to hire full-time staff, and rely on committed people like you who are willing to volunteer abroad. You’ll make a valuable contribution by working one-on- one with disabled children, teaching classes, and helping with therapy sessions, rehabilitation and recreational activities that will improve the quality of life for young people with special education needs. It’s a great way to make a difference!

Inspire in India

Why not head off to inspirational India and help out in a rural project that enables young disabled children to get a better start in life? Help out as a volunteer with disabled children in India and assist in day care centres and orphanages and see all the sensational sights of exotic India in your spare time. Combine an amazing gap year experience with making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in India. Get that gap year feel- good factor!

Teach in Tanzania

Sign up to teach children in Tanzania and helps kids who may be at a learning disadvantage. If you want to have an African adventure on your gap year, and make a worthwhile contribution to the lives of children, then volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania should be top of your list!

Shine in South Africa

See South Africa on your gap year and become a Cape Town Community Volunteer. Get to know some amazing local people and help out at a township school that is dedicated to helping disabled children with special educational needs. A deeply rewarding volunteer role in a beautiful part of the world!

Worldwide Worth

You can have an important impact on the lives of disabled children all around the world as a special educational needs volunteer on your gap year, so why not make your worldwide trip worthwhile and volunteer today?

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