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Duration: 1 day

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you sign up for a tandem skydive on Australia’s awesome East Coast.  Soar through the skies securely strapped to an expert skydiving instructor, as you enjoy the thrills of a skydive freefall followed by an unforgettable parachute glide back down to earth.  Choose from one of four amazing East Coast locations with your skydive flexi-pass, and either see spectacular cityscapes over Sydney, gorgeous coastlines and islands over Mission Beach, beautiful beaches over laid-back Byron Bay or the incredible Great Barrier Reef from above at Cairns.  Open-dated tickets make for great flexibility and also make this the perfect present for your birthday or Christmas. Take the plunge and enjoy the thrill ride as you experience Australia’s highest tandem skydive at up to 14,000 breathtaking feet!

Trip highlights

  • Try a tandem skydive experience in Australia from as high in the sky as 14,000 feet!
  • Be securely strapped to your expert instructor for a safe and exciting skydive adventure
  • Enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you freefall through the air and take in the spectacular Australian scenery as you parachute safely back to earth
  • Choose from four fabulous East Coast locations: Sydney, Mission Beach, Byron Bay or Cairns: A flexi-pass means you can choose your ideal location when you wish
  • Get free transfers to and from your skydive centre
Further trip information

The skydive is expected to take up around half a day.  In some locations, the skydive centre is out of town, and if so, a free return transfer is available.  Once you have booked your skydive time, the team will arrange a pickup time from your accommodation, and you will arrive at the skydive centre.  The time you are booked in for is your arrival time.

Once you have arrived at the skydive centre, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork and you will then be assigned to an aircraft load. Then it’s time to soar up into the air and jump on your awesome and adrenaline-filled tandem skydive, which will take around 8 minutes for the average jump from 14,000 feet – 60 seconds of freefall and 7 minutes of parachute gliding to the ground.  Land in our dropzone and take a minute to take in what you’ve just experienced!

Say good bye to your instructor and then pick up your belongings, and your photos or DVD that you have ordered as part of the extra camera packages.  Then you’ll be taken free of charge back to your pickup location and that marks the end of your tandem skydive adventure.

Please Note: The itinerary is subject to change. Although every effort is made to keep the day running smoothly, sometimes the skydive is held up due to unforeseen circumstances, including weather holds. There are certain wind and cloud conditions in which it is unsuitable to skydive, and Air Traffic Control also have a say in determining flight conditions.  It is possible to be put on hold for up to 15 minutes, and if this happens a couple of times in one day then the skydive schedule can run behind. Safety is of the utmost importance and will take priority over all other considerations.

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The skydive experience is available as an open-dated pass and runs every day of the year.