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Short Gaps Learn & Develop

Want to learn new skills or take off on a self-development trip abroad? Need to fit it all in to tight time frame? A short learning and development gap trip allows you to have amazing new experiences, add to your skill set and see the world, all in a short space of time! Maybe you want to learn a new language abroad as well as exploring a new country? You can learn Spanish in a range of stunning countries in Central & South America and see spectacular scenery while you learn.

Want to volunteer abroad? There are exciting and rewarding volunteering opportunities on offer all around the world. Fancy learning to dive in Thailand? Do it! Dream of learning to surf in Australia? Sign up today! How about martial arts training in Asia? Consider it done! Want to gain work experience with paid work abroad and add new skills to your CV? No problem! Choose from our wide range of learning experiences and expand your horizons on a self development short gap trip.

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Short Gaps Learn & Develop

Learn new skills

Why not learn some new skills while you travel? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to scuba dive? Do you dream of surfing the waves from idyllic beaches? Want to sail on stunning seas or ski on snowy slopes? Maybe you want to master a martial art? If you’re looking to add to your skill set and have fun, look no further. There are lots of short trips available, starting from as little as a few days. Sign up to learn a fantastic new skill while you see the world!

Paid work internships

Find a paid job abroad and spice up your CV! Choose from a fabulous range of paid work packages or incredible internships abroad and learn new work skills. Get a job or internship in a field of work you want to pursue and you could kick-start your career as well as earning money abroad! Spend a summer working with kids in the USA at Summer Camp. Or sign up for a short internship in Canada or Australia. 

Learn a language

Do you want to get your tongue around a new language while you travel? Learning a new language is an excellent way of having a new experience abroad. Want to learn Spanish on a short trip? Head to Central or South America for the ultimate Spanish language adventure! We offer programmes where you can learn Spanish over a few weeks, and have fun in stunning countries. Choose to learn Spanish in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Cuba or Costa Rica and you’ll be saying ‘hola’ to the locals in no time!

Volunteering and self-development

Are you seeking a self-development opportunity abroad? Don't have long to travel? Becoming a volunteer abroad is a great way to add to your skill base, plus give something back at the same time. Volunteer with kids and learn teaching or childcare skills. Volunteer at wildlife projects and learn all about wildlife and conservation. Get involved with medical projects and improve your medical knowledge. Voluntary work experience will be a great addition to your CV. Make the most of your time abroad!

Learn new skills in a short time frame! 

2 - 6 weeks

Become a volunteer English teacher on this super-rewarding volunteer programme in Sri Lanka! Teach kids aged 3-12 and make a real difference in the local community!

from £549

2-8 weeks

Improve your Spanish in the shadows of Machu Picchu, the Andes & the Amazon, climbing to new Spanish language heights in the ancient city of Cusco!

from £619

4-8 weeks

Get some unbeatable hands on experience in beautiful Malawi! Work with rural communities and help raise awareness about health issues and provide treatment and support for local people.

from £1,079

1-4 weeks

Learn Spanish and stay in an amazing party hostel in Buenos Aires for the ultimate fun, language and cultural experience in Argentina!

from £369

21 days

Volunteer at an incredible turtle conservation project on an idyllic Indonesian island in Bali. Enjoy a cultural immersion week then head to an unspoilt island to volunteer with turtles.

from £1,019

6 days

Spend five days swimming through our PADI scuba diving course, mastering your submarine skills in the idyllic waters of Koh Tao Island. Spot gorgeous underwater wildlife and gain a qualificaiton that will let you dive all around the world!

from £479

2 - 6 weeks

Conserve and care for wonderful turtles on the beautiful southern coast of Sri Lanka! Make a difference and have fun on this fantastic hands-on wildlife experience.

from £679

6 or 11 months

Become a ‘gappie’ assistant in an Australian boarding school. Spend 6 months or more gaining amazing work experience abroad and discover Australia at the same time! You could expect to earn between AUD75 to AUD200 a week PLUS enjoy all-inclusive accomodation and meals during term time! 

from £1,459

3 days

Live on board a gorgeous cruise vessel and explore exclusive dive spots in the Outer Great Barrier Reef. See breathtaking underwater architecture and vibrant marine life with up to 11 dives in this spectacular location. Includes two enchanting night dives!

from £539

2-4 weeks

Volunteer with Costa Rica's amazing sea turtles and help to protect this endangered species. Intermediate/high level Spanish skills required.

from £619