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32 trips
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Short Gaps Learn & Develop

A short learning and development gap trip allows you to have amazing new experiences, add to your skill set and see the world, all in a short space of time! You can make the most of your time abroad, and gain unique skills and experiences that you can put towards your own life or career.

Maybe you want to learn a new language abroad as well as exploring a new country? Perhaps you want to volunteer? Fancy learning martial arts? Whatever you desire, choose from our wide range of learning experiences and expand your horizons on a self-development short gap trip.

Short Gaps Learn & Develop Tours

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Learn new skills

If you're looking to add to your skill set and have fun, look no further. There are lots of short trips available, starting from as little as a few days. Sign up to learn a fantastic new skill while you see the world!

Paid work internships

Find a paid job abroad and spice up your CV! Choose from a fabulous range of paid work packages and learn new work skills in a short space of time. Get a job or internship in a field of work you want to pursue and you could kick-start your career as well as earning money abroad! 

Learn a language

Do you want to master a new language while you travel? Learning a new language is an excellent way of having a new experience abroad. Want to learn Spanish on a short trip? Head to Central or South America for the ultimate Spanish language adventure! We offer programmes where you can learn Spanish over a few weeks, and have fun in stunning countries.

Volunteering and self-development

Becoming a volunteer abroad is a great way to add to your skill base, especially if you're short on time. Join an established volunteer project and give something back to local communities as you improve your skills and boost your CV. Make the most of your time abroad!

Learn new skills in a short time frame! 

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